Highlights For Brown Hair Women



Highlights For Brown Hair




The constant change is the only permanent rule of this world. Changes with times transform you not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. One cannot deny the hardships one has to go through to make conscious changes but at the same time, if one doesn’t want to change, specially when it comes to looks, there are always moderate options available. Talking of change, the first thing about looks comes to mind with the mention of hairstyle and hair colour, which play a detrimental role in transformation of any humankind. However, the apprehensions of hair colour, the process one goes through to finally consider which one to go for,  make anyone a bit scared to undergo a complete transformation of full hair colour. This is where, the highlights come as a saviour. Highlights do magic to your hair in less effort, time and more glamour. They add not just glamour but also depth to your natural hair colour tone.




Be it brown, blonde or any, the decision to pick highlights depends on not just your base colour but also your skin tone. Lighter skin tones can have blondes and caramels and darker tones can have reds, burgandies etc. People having brown toned hair can have sky as limit to their options. Let’s have a look at them.




  1. Multi Shades, Marvellous Looks: Why not to pick up five strands or more and then colour each of them differently? A blend of various shades of caramels and light blondes can do wonders to your brown shade. Sometimes having it all gets you the best of the looks.



2. The Crazy Copper: When the brown meets copper, the tinge of red is born and that definitely creates the aura you always yearned for. Bright, alive and mystic.




3. Hot Honey Caramels: Dark browns mashed up with honey caramel highlights? Sounds like a recipe to kill millions with your hot hair colour.




4. Be the Bronze Babe: Darkest brown mixed with bronze brings something out of the box on your plate. Picking the bronze will brighten up your look specially if you have darker skin tone.




5. Caramel Fronts: Just put a tinge of caramel in front locks and dab the back ones in light blondes and there you go, the multi shaded diva in stunning avatar.




6. The Gold Glam: The brightest gold with the darkest brown will pomp up the lustre and look of your hairline and will set your looks on top of the world.




7. Large Chunks Colouring: Moderating the highlights in bit modern way by taking large chunks and. Colouring them alternatively. The result will be an illusion of you having it double toned coloured instead of highlights. Wise way to baffle minds and grab eyeballs.




8. The Platinum Pretty: If you are looking for something dramatic, with your boring dark browns, then go for the striking platinum blondes which will create the everlasting striking combination which will make many go on knees and many follow your style blindly.

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