High-Top Fade Haircuts For Men



The high-top fade is a variation of the famous flat top haircut.  But, unlike the flat top it is a high contrast cut with short faded sides and a long top. The best part about the high-top fade is that it provides the wearer with many choices of experimentation in terms of style.


A man can opt for a temp, a high or low fade and a skin or a drop fade. But it just doesn’t end at that. Men can also go for a high-top fade wit a part, dreads, curls and even a nappy Afro.




This was popular hairstyle for black men and reached its zenith in the 80’s and the 90’s. But if recent trends are anything to go by, the style is making a big comeback. Will Smith’s son Jaden, musician and rapper Will.i.am, singer Usher and basketball player Iman Shumpert have been rocking this style of late.




Even though the hairstyle is mostly seen on black hair, anyone with curly hair can pull off this look. It is most suitable for round, square and oval face shapes but also doesn’t look out of place on diamond and heart shaped faces.


There are many types of high-top fade out there. There is the high- top fade with Part where the hair is designed into a high top with curls. The high-top fade with curls lends emphasis on the temples. There is also the curly high-top fade that quickly tapers down the skin.




Then, there is the high-top fade with dreads. This is the version of the high-top with locks. This style looks great with beards and medium length dreads can be worn loose or if one chooses to keep it longer, then it can be tied up in a bun too. This look also employs a V-cut design which is mixed with a clean line done with almost surgical precision. The neckline in this case however quickly tapers down.




However, if dreads are too tedious, then there is something known as the nappy high-top fade. This cut of hair brings out the quality of the texture of Afro hair. The drop fade goes from high to low in this case and there is almost a halo like covering of “kinky” hair that lurks overhead.




One can also add as much volume as they want on the top with this style and as they say, the more the merrier! Colouring the curls blond on the top is also a funky variation of this cut of hair. If blond is not your style then creating a flat layer on the top and colouring it electric blue is an eye-catching option.




The high-top fade with all its variations and quirkiness is back in vogue. From rappers to sports personalities to the common man, this style has been welcomed back. And, why not? The possibilities with this style are endless. If one has the volume and the curls, then this an opportunity to just go crazy! This is a look that is sure enough to turn heads everywhere.

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