High Ponytail For Women



Ponytails are always a favorite one, amongst women. The main reason is that, it is very simple to make it and style them. Another reason is that, it gives you a much classy look. You can feel like, this simple hairstyle gives a change in everyday look. Styles worn high as, can make your face flair.


Many models and celebrity also have gone for this lovely and simple hairstyle. Not only this hairstyle gives versatility, but also very practical. Curly or sleek, long or short, this style is well suited for any kind of hair. This is a perfect complement for any formal event, with casual look. The below are list of some special varieties of high ponytails.


The top most amongst the list, is the ‘Long and sleek black ponytail’. This is totally lovely, lengthy, and sleek look for long black hair. For this style, the hairs have to be straight. Then, the hair pulled back into a ponytail with a wrap. You can also make the long hair into curls, for a different version to this style.


Messy curls with bump, in the front are a great contrast with each other. However, with the ‘High ponytail with long golden coils’ made them put together and wrapping a piece of hair around your ponytail is, a quick transition.


Bold look achieved with this – ‘Bold and blonde high ponytail’; the hair is made twisted into curls and then made into a ponytail that gives you a major volume, without falling into your face.


Twisted ponytails are more prominent in nature. ‘Chic high ponytail with a twist’ – is a great look for a professional environment. Another ‘Straight high ponytail with a twist’ is same as the earlier, but a slight change with braid on the sides. This, one is for casual environments.


You can also style your high ponytails with braids or bangs of your choice. These can give you some variations to your style. ‘Brunette ponytail with braided bangs’ and ‘High ponytail with sweet side bangs’ are one such styles, that you can look for inspirations.


Creating a French braid as a mystery under your high ponytail is a conservation look offered by ‘Reverse French braid ponytail’. It will peek out, every time you move which is so lovely.


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