High Fade Haircut For Men



What do you usually look for in a man? His eyes, his body, his smile, his beard, his dressing sense or his shoes? Well, think about it – even if everything’s just perfect and he looks like the guy of your dreams, there is one thing that can simply ruin everything for you; and that is his hairstyle.


Hairstyle is as important as any of the other things related to one’s personality and if someone thinks that men don’t need to concentrate on hat much, they are simply wrong.


Among the many popular hairstyles among men, the much celebrated one is the high fade haircut which has been in fashion since ages and which probably is going to stay for a long, long time in the future. Here is a list of a few high and fade hairstyles for men that you can check out.


One of the winning combinations of hairstyles is the high bald fade haircut. The hair at the top needs to be a sleek back one and the fade of the hair should be bald one that tapers down to the skin. Easy to maintain – all you need to do is pull your hair back with your fingers using your favorite hair product.


If you want to look a little different than the rests who are sporting a high fade haircut, you should be getting this cut. The hair cut is called the “high taper fade haircut” which basically allows you to keep the hair on your crown pretty long and the fades are quite high as well. To get an enhanced look, you can add hair colors or make different styles at the long hair on your top.


A lot of guys with long hair prefer this haircut. The High top high fade haircut is for you if you want to keep a high top at your hair and get a skilled fade at the bottom. The look is pretty in these days that give you a refreshing look.


Have a high and tight haircut already and still want to go for fades? Well, this one will do the trick for you. The “high and tight haircut with high fades” is the one for the men who go for sophistication and spunk at the same time. A tip – color your hair white. That can look absolutely delicious in the ladies’ eyes! Won’t you like that? Hmm?


For the guys who have curly, long and thick hair, they can easily pull off the “curly high top haircut”. All you need is a high texture at the top of your hair and an arced surgical line, at one side of your sideburns. The fades of course, has to be prominent one.


These are just a few high fade haircuts for men that you can sport. These haircuts will make you look extremely irresistible and you don’t even have to worry about maintaining the hair all the time.

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