High Bun For Women Hairstyles



Even though, there are numerous updo hairstyles available, the high bun updo style is the one that goes well with both informal and formal looks. With any versatile texture, the high bun style can achieved with various options.


The time, when the sock buns were popular are incredible and bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that never go out of style. The high bun is versatile and you can modify it as you wish depending upon the events, outfit and makeup worn.


When you get tired of sock buns, you can go with simple high knot or more bun styles that is perfect for summer days. From messier look to polished finish, the looks it offers are astonishing.


Think of ‘Kim Kardashian’ hair bun style, where you have to comb the straight sleek hair backwards and tie them tightly at the crown. If you are going out to any formal functions, then this bun style will be the perfect choice.


You can make the same bun style at highest as possible like a top knot or try them into a low bun look. Sometimes, instead of the complete polished look to the bun, give some twist to the bun so that it looks different and unique.


In case, you want to get rid of complete bun style, then go with the half-high bun style as another choice. The half-high bun style is similar to the topknot hairstyle. However, styling the half bun can be of your choice completely and this hairstyle is great for curly/wavy textured hair.


Simply take a section of hair at the front and tease them at the back of hair with the brush. The teasing gives you a voluminous looks at the top and again section the hair into two, which you should make a tie at the back with the two strands.


The way you tie it can differ as you wish and place it, at the top crown or else at the back. If you have long hair, make the bun at the top crown and leave the rest of hair to hang free, whereas to the short hair, make the rest of hair into a ponytail and cover the bun with small sections of pony.


On a lazy day, you can try a super casual low bun by making a simple twist knot of your hair at the nape of the neck and let it hang loosely low, which is not tight as a bun. Go for this bun on a relaxed day laying about in a home mood.


When you already have a bangs style, then you must mix them with a messy bun. First, braid your hair and make a bun placing at the back. The side bangs frames the face beautifully and although, the bangs makes the hairstyle to stand out.


Another fashionable way to wear the bun is the side bun that you can witness in ‘Nicole Kidman’. The whole bun hairstyle of her is more interesting and the left out strands of the side bun stays casual.

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