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Helen Mirren Hairstyles




With age comes the stability which is good but with age, also comes the stagnancy for various things which one used to do earlier but not anymore and that, for sure is not a good sign. While growing old, one grows wiser and more charming. To keep that charm intact, one doesn’t need to do a lot or go through tutorials or spend hours in salons to get a makeover. In today’s time, the makeover is just another cakewalk. One can make it easier by checking some celebrity hairstyles of same age and this is where Helen Mirren comes into the scene. The academy award winner actress is fully known as Dame Helen Lydia Mirren is known for her sophistication and amazing hairstyles. The fantabulous thing about her is her gracious hairstyles which keep growing gracious with age. The Elizabeth actress has defied her age with her awesome hairstyles which are easy to keep and maintain. Let’s have a look at them.




  1. Bobs At Their Best: Wearing the shoulder length bobs with even a bit of wave in them is Helen’s signature hairstyle which anyone can crown on. Teaming it up with bob pins and donning it on any dress can make you look a head turner at any event.



2. Short Layers and Short Bangs: Helen has glamourised herself with short layers and short bangs at 23rd annual Elle women in Hollywood Awards. Just keep the length of hair short till ear or chin and you will surely ace the world of glamour.




3. Go Pretty in Beachy: A short wave hair which is asymmetrical  and edgy and try tinting them with light blondes or darker browns. Keep the shade of skin on your mind and taint your head with style and glamour.




4. The Bobs and The Blunt: Bobs when teamed up with blunts make a wonderful combination and it becomes more graceful when Helen dons it. The actress has been spotted in 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards and 69th Annual Tally Awards.




5. Shorts And Textured: One can always mix short bobs with textured cuts which glamorises your look leaps and bounds. The Elizabeth actress was spotted showcasing such hairdo at “China: Thought the Looking Glass”.




6. Asymmetrical Wisps: Ever got to see Mirren spotting her whips cut in Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party? If not then let’s spill the beans that the actress has crowned asymmeritrical wisp which goes longer on one side covering the hair and shorter on the other. The uber cool and classy style to done for.




7. Bob With Bangs: Ever tried experimenting by mashing up two looks? Helen has given it a whirl to bobs and bangs together and has splashed her own aura at “Red 2”, Los Angeles Premiere. So what are you waiting for. Get up and get Helen styled.




8. Short Curls: One can try short curls which are wavy and follow the footsteps of Helen which she was spotted crowning at 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Be it a red carpet or the normal outing or hangout, such easy to keep and maintain hairdos will always put you in the niche where you always will create your mark. You can also try sweeping these short waves back and crown a super glam look.

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