Hayley Williams Hairstyles



Hayley Williams is one of the most popular singer/songwriter, who has not only gained popularity for her singing ability but her evolutions of hairstyles is what makes her stand out from others. Her, bright orange hair color with bang style, will make you seriously astonished with the look.


Paramore leading lady ‘Haley Williams’ style statement ranges from bright and bold locks to messy waves with blonde shades. The varieties of bang style that she given to her hair, is infinite. She is a real epitome of fashion and stylish looks.


Haley’s natural hair is a blonde straight hitting the shoulder line. Initially, she gave a side-swept style to the bang that adds beauty to the look and it makes her look younger. The straight sleek hair with jagged cut layers throughout the head other than the bangs, gives this looks texture and edge style.


From the blonde hair color, she gave a dark auburn shade to the hair. To this, she gave a jagged cut and the auburn shade on the bangs as well, which looks great in her.


To the ‘Emergency’ music video, she wore a yellow-highlighted tip to her auburn red hair and with some scattered strands through the head.


After that, she went for a bright pressure red color. This brightly colored hair matches well with her warm skin tones and the flowing straight sleek hair rocked well with her singing.


Then, she picks a contrast color combination of bright orange and pink. She gave the orange shades to one side of the front hair and to half of the bangs. To the remaining hair, she colored it with the pink shade. This color combination stays right on the side of color dash and one eye-catching style.


From then, she gave a short bob haircut near to the ear line and shaded her hair with bright orange color. This sharp polished cut proves that, even with punkish styling she keeps things feeling feminine like.


She, then grown out her ear line bob hair into a chin length wavy bob hairstyle. With some strands of bangs, falling off across the forehead and a slick of winged eyeliner, make her look fresh faced beauty. The short bow dress and the red lipstick, is a cute statement look.




The next extreme change over ‘Hayley’ went for is the bright blue color shade with a grown out strands of short pixie cut. She came out of the bang look for this long strand look.


Again, she gave her hair the bright orange shade, with super short bob cut and straight blunt end bangs. From there, Haley styled a little longer hair into a side partition sleek with bangs tucked behind her ear.


Her hair color shades ranges from various shades of orange, yellow combined with dark greenish shades, bright blue and dark auburn looks. Haley again proves that with the right color tones, you can rock whole lots of shades and these bright colors are a perfect summer shade.

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