Havana Twist Hairstyles For Black Women



The Havana twist which look and feel like actual hair is made of manmade fibre. This style is primarily followed by the black women. It gives a girl’s tresses, a trendy look but one that is smooth and can be achieved without much effort.  These twists are versatile because they allow women to not only give the hair a hip look but also enable them to keep the look intact for weeks!




The Havana twists not only help protect hair but also open a plethora of styling opportunities. One of these styles is the high bun. In this hairdo, the twists add volume to a girl’s hair but the original hair is still visible from within the bun.




Then, there are the Regal buns. In this hairdo, not only can the twists be thrown downwards but two symmetrical buns can be done up on top to produce a look that would take one back to the 16th century. That is a cool feature!




And, the buns don’t just end there. There is the Bow bun and in this style, a bun can be made on top whilst keeping a strand loose to form a bow like appearance. But then, this hairdo is so versatile, that you can simply clip it in the back and voila, side swept bangs will be created!




But if long hair doesn’t quite cut it, then the ladies can buy medium length extensions and then just experiment with any style they want. One example of this being the voluminous bun. But, if a lady doesn’t mind the long hair and really wants to express herself then she can quite easily arrange the Havana twists into cornrows. This is achieved by first arranging one’s own hair into cornrows and then just attaching the twists to them.




Metal rings can also be attached to the extensions. But if one wishes to really go all out with the Havana twists, then wild colours is also an option. A colour like burgundy will surely take the entire look to a whole new level altogether. This look would be brutally successful in turning heads.


There is also something for the dread fan. The Havana twists provide an easy way by which one can go for the crazy and quirky dreadlocks. And, the best thing is, unlike natural dreadlocks, this wont damage the hair. Hence those girls who are worried about damaging their precious hair, need not worry.




But if all this styling and designing is too much, then one can simply let the Havana twists fall at the sides just like letting one’s natural hair down. Using these twists doesn’t mean that it must be completed. That, is perhaps the inherent beauty of this style.




So, Havana twists are like a Godsend for all the black ladies out there. Not only are they quirky and classy in their own way but they also embody a lot of functionality. It is the versatility of these twists that make them so loved and that is its strongest feature. It lets one create one’s own style.

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