Harry Styles Hairstyles



Harry Styled Hairstyles




The world gets baffling at times in both the conditions, one when there is hardly anything on your plate and two when there is almost everything on your plate. Having this plate can be denoted to different scenarios, be it hairstyling or haircut. Amidst such baffling times, following the footsteps of a celebrity comes as a cakewalk as its like the picture is already served in front of you and only framing is needed to be done. Following a celeb style bring the same feeling of having the style already in front of you, and you just need to put your finger on. It is almost like shopping for a hairstyle rather than the tiring, cumbersome process of undergoing various thoughts and considerations before finally aiming for any. Talking of celebrities, Harry Edward, can stand as a style icon in hairstyling. The One Direction man may have offered his hair for a charity cause but his Harry-Hairstyling-Times cannot be forgotten or ignored. Let’s have a recap of those Harry-Hangover-Hairstyles and who knows what might come out of the pandora box.




  1. Half Mess Up with Curls: This style was spotted for his new movie, Dunkirk and anyone who has curls can try this on while messing the style a bit and still looking the best.



2. The Long, The Tousled and Muss Ups: The mash up of long hair tousled in muss up was seen crowned up on Harry during FM Summertime Ball. So never give up on your long tresses and give them a whirl of this hairdo.




3. The Longer, Softer, Back-swept Waves: Harry was often spotted with long locks and various styling was always locked in them. Harry’s wondrous locks swept back and set with soft waves in the end gives him the much needed rockstar look.




4. The Man’s Bun: Might sound odd but Harry sets it all even when he crowns it. One can try to tie the long lustrous locks in bun and follow Harry who was spotted in this hairdo while making his entry to The Late Late Show.




5. The Unique Bob Curls and Waves: Showcasing his twenties, Harry is seen crowning his coolest bobs with curls and waves which is a rare yet eye-catching combo.




6. Half Straight and Half Curls Bobs:Having bobs which are set straight and swept to one side and leaving the half curls on the other end of the partition. Harry was spotted flaunting this style off in the seventh series of The X factor.




7. Front Swept Curls and Out Curls: The singer created his sophisticated aura by getting the bob and sweeping the curls on one side and curling the remaining ones out to create a cute and tough look in one shot and has successfully donned it.




Following a celebrity style never means that one is losing one’s identity but its about cherry picking what is right and suitable on you. While doing this, one needs to be aware of not just one’s own likes and preferences but also what suits them the best. This is the only recipe to graciously done your celeb style on you. Blind following and blind faith always fail.

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