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Herringbone Braid




In the world of glamour and greed to look well groomed, one tends to get too baffled by constant updates with new names in glamour industry. Ever heard of setting spray and hairspray? Polish and Lacquer? Bun and Chignons? Braids and Pigtails? If you are thinking that all these differ from each other then shed off your confusion because these terms are almost same with either minute modifications or none at all. Names differ according to changed times, but the glossary makes it all the more baffling. Let’s not get into the complex nitty gritty of this vocabulary and let us tell you something about the Herringbone Braid and its various styles. Just as told above, braids are almost same with slightest modifications. Lets have a look at different styles of braids:




1. The Classic One: The classic braid has ruled the reign since decades and believe it or not but its always hitting the headlines. This braid is formed by sectioning hair into three parts and interweave them. The style is old but still never went out of style. Slight variations through having the layers swinging out or a messy, wavy braid can bring a difference in your look.




2. The Fishtail Braid: One can achieve this hairdo by diving your hair in two sections, Take one strand from underneath one of the sections and passing it over to the other. Taking it from both sections and weaving them layer wise give it a beautifully woven look and the cherry on the cake is the news that the style is in for any event or dress up. Having highlights or balayage in such hairdo will only enhance the sheer beauty of it,




3. French Braid: Again a three strand braid, where the hair is pass over the centre strand and adding more hair on each step. This is how the pattern is set and your look is boosted.




4. The Upside Down Braid: As the name itself suggests, this braid begins from downside and taverns all the way up through flipping your head over. Keep the strands taunt while passing them over to one another.




5. The Dutch Braid: The only difference between a dutch and a French braid is one doesn’t pass over each hair strand instead of doing it underneath. The biggest advantage of having a dutch braid is that it can be used as headband one can flaunt on.




6. The Milkmaid Braid: Braiding two regular pigtails and pulling them up and tucking them with pins and it lends a look of headband.




7. The Four Strand Braid: If you have got bored of three sections of hair and braiding and want to try something new then go for the four sections and braid them up. Sounds a little confusing? A little bit of effort and that would sort it all and you can have it untangled and fuss-free, classy look.




Braids may sound a bit traditional but always remember ‘old is gold’

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