Handle Bar Moustache



Moustaches and beards has its history since the stone- age when there is no knife, scissors or razors for the trimming and for a stylish makeover. Nearly all the men of the old centuries has beard. It was maintained with religious faith and other factors which influenced most of the men to have big beards is the ethnicity, prestige and environmental factors.


Men with moustaches and beards are said to have and attract more positive energy with the fact that the body hair said to have positive vibes to oneself. Not everything which are followed with faith in ancient days are being followed now other than some important and cultures with rich meaningful traits and beliefs.


Perfect moustache for a perfect visage is little challenging until and unless it is made with concern and effort. Men having limited options for their hairstyling with the creative and new techniques of upcoming and growing hair stylists number of new and modern hairstyling are being introduced as budding stylists are many in numbers. These stylists make the hairstyles and make- over unique will choose to give an excellent and manly moustaches accompanied by beards.


Among the modern moustaches, handle bar moustache is a fantabulous and most manly moustache which suits men perfectly giving them a brave and swank make- over. This type of moustache is also known as spaghetti moustache as it has its association with Italian men. These handle bar moustaches are versatile in the way it is maintained. There are many of its types and dynamisms which suits different facial visage.


These handle bar moustaches has its history and pre-history. They are carried brave ancient personalities like Bhagat Singh, Rollie Fingers, Vincenzo Garioni, Franz Ferdinand, etc. These personalities are mainly notified for their gallantry heroism.


This hand bar style of moustache is achieved by using moustache wax, curling iron and hair gel. Famous handle bar moustaches are carried by Wyatt Earp, JP Morgan, William Howard Taft, Joseph Stalin, etc. These moustaches are not of the same style except the handle bar curl at the tips, varying with other phenomenal factors and ideologies, they give a brave and courageous make- over of all.


These handle bar moustaches never go out of fashion for their marvelous and stunning make-over. These moustaches were brought back by the celebrities like Hulk Hogan, Ranbeer Kapoor, etc. Celebrities are the key factor and trend setters for all the new fashion which we dwell with.


Men go ravishing with this handle bar kind of moustache with a slight touch of beard with an up swept locks of strands. This looks dashing and manly when this is paired with a fantastic formal suit and shoes with a stylish and a rousing black tie.


Men with long hair shoulder length sleek can undoubtedly choose to carry himself with this handle bar moustache with his upswept strands being tied for an exuberant ponytail behind. The look goes hypnotizing with an extraordinary and fantabulous casuals as well as formals making the floor alarming.

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