Half Up Half Down Ponytail Hairstyles



The Arianna Grande signature hairstyle is everyone’s favorite these days. And yes it is all about the half up half down ponytail. This is the new hairdo for this fall and is a mix between the high ponytail and pompadour hairstyle.


Thinking about rocking this look? Well, there are plenty of ways you can slay this hairstyle all day long and it looks really cool if you know how to carry it! The look never goes out of style and you can sport it whenever you want to. Here are a few half up half down hairstyles that you can easily pull off without any hassles.


Keep the messy edge and stay on the slightly neat side together with this hairstyle. The “long brown hair and high ponytail” is for girls who love curls and want to keep it all sexy. A tip –slip the ponytail in the middle so that it flows just like that in both the side. Geeze! So pretty!


Get that Boho chic look with the braided Boho locks. The hairstyle looks amazing on girls who have thick hair. Although looks pretty hard, the hairstyle is actually a pretty easy one and you can carry the same with a lot of ease. Have perfect thick hair for the Boho locks? Why not try this one out?


If you have short hair and you are sad because you think that all the pretty hairstyles are only for the girls with long hair, here is what you can do. The perfect hairstyle for you is the ‘sexy-white blonde weave” which is great for women with short and medium length hair. All you need to do is use a weave made of natural human hair and use it as add on. A pro tip – avoid glue.


Get the glam look with the glamorous high ponytail. The half up half down high ponytail is for a glam night. Make sure to add some waves and curls on the rest of your hair to add that funky touch on a neat hairstyle.


Want to be the coolest girl on the block? Well, meet the funky yet gorgeous half ponytail known as the pebbles pony. The hairstyle is cool, fun and flirty! Pro tips – make the pony just at the center of your head and leave a few free-flowing strands around.


Looking for a cool, laid back approach? The beautiful “beachy half ponytail” is one way to achieve that look. The loose curly yet gorgeous hairstyle is quite ideal for a brunch date, or a casual evening out with your partner. Laid back and yet sexy – what more do you want from a hairstyle?


The “I don’t give flying fudge” attitude can never go wrong with the hairstyle – the messy ponytail. The hairstyle is all about being messy and still looks extremely adorable. If you are worrying about the fizz or the tangled hair – don’t bother! It actually makes the hairstyle look much better.


These are a few half up, half down ponytail hairstyles for you to rock! Why wasting your time here – get set go!

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