Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Curly Hair



For every formal occasions, women search ideas for hairstyles to look great. Mostly, rather than the simple flowing locs of any length, the updo hairstyles will be the best option. When coming to updo hairstyle for curly hair texture, the half up and half down hairstyles looks effortless.


If you want to try these half updo hairstyles, make sure your curly texture hair is neat and clean, as this can make the style look perfect and stay in place. Moreover, with this way you can enjoy the polished finish and the vibe of any updo as well.


From vintage half updo to modern half down hairstyles, the choices for curly hairs remain incredible. Mostly, braided updos and twist or puff, are the ideas for many half updo hairstyles.


A high puff at the front with a flower hair clip at the end of the puff will be the simplest way to style a half-up hairstyle. Leave the rest of the hair to hang free, which looks great with the puff. Sometimes, with the high puff add simple small braid at each side and pin them up at the crown.


To start from the simple hairstyle, tease and tie or flower bow at the crown must be the choice. At each side, tease the curly hair and give it a twist, finally pin the hair up at the back of the crown. Leave some strands at the front, to fall over the face for an additional effect.


From then, you can create a Celtic knot to look more special with half up hairstyle. Make a side partition and give intricate knot at the crown from both side of teased hair. This may look tricky but the result is worth the effort and the look.


The waterfall braid and half-French braids are some of the perfect half down hairstyles. The flow down look these hairstyle offers from one side, is the uniqueness of the style and the sense of elegance is great from this style.


With the old-fashioned technique and vintage half up, created with a modern twist is a simple retro style. Take a section of hair at each side and give it a low twist near the ear line, then pin them separately at the crown. Make curved texture at the end of locks, to give a touch of retro look.


To the same retro style, instead of low twist give them a simple twist and make a cute knotted style at the back. Before you section the hair for twist, leave some heavy strands at the front to fall over at each side. This hairstyle is suitable for sleek straight hair.


You can even overlap the half updo and half down style that makes a little bit fancier look and it is easy to style as well. To achieve this style, take strands from each side and make a knot at the crown. More than the one-knot style at the crown, try adding more knotted strands below each one.

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