Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles



The half up and half down hairstyle has always been a very popular hairdo. The hairstyle is not that difficult to pull off and has quite a few classy variations that the ladies can go for. The best thing about this hairstyle for black ladies is that it works with any length of hair or any texture. Essentially  a hairstyle that toes a very fine line between updos and down do’s, this look is quite versatile.




A girl can go for a top-knot that is done up in a messy fashion on top with hair that falls down in waves around the shoulders. A very class look to go for.But if the girls want something that looks smoother, a half up half down hairdo with silky straight hair and slicked out sides is the look to go for.




Another, really cool look that the girls can go for is the half pompadour half half down hairstyle. This look is great for African American girls who want to show off their natural curly hair. But an even more classier look than this is the high pony half up half down look topped off with casual and tousled tresses of  hair.




But, if a girl wants to add some good volume to her hair then she can go for the very sophisticated looking teased up updo. However, if a girl wishes to go for something that is edgy and also sophisticated looking, slicked down tresses topped off with a classic middle parting will do  the trick.  Girls who like buns and messy hair can also go for a tousled up top bun and messy casual free flowing twists.




And, believe it or not girls can even style their dreadlocks into a messy top bun while allowing the rest of the hair to fall freely to get that half up half down look. One  can also go for faux locs by sweeping up the dreads into a topknot and finishing off the look with a side-swept bang to add that extra zing to the look.




But, if all this is too outrageous, girls can also go for a half up hairdo which is complimented by casual twists on either side. One can also go for a gorgeous combination of a bun on top and free flowing wavy hair. This do is sure to make the men go weak in the knees. However, if a girl is looking to turn heads from the get-go, then a half up half down hairstyle done up in  a shade of classic platinum should do the trick.But if a girl is in the mood for something even bolder, she can take a leaf out of the styling book of  celebrity Keke Palmer and go for a jumbo braided do with shaved sides. A very unique look indeed.




So these are some of the best half up half down hairstyles for the black ladies out there. None of these are all that difficult to pull off and can be managed easily. And, each of these looks is sure to lend any girl’s overall appearance a touch of uniqueness and in some cases, sophistication.

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