Half Up And Down Hairstyles For Prom

Prom. This the one event that every high school girl dreams of. The one big event that takes up a girl’s time in planning, from fussing over who to go with as a date, to planning for the perfect dress, to the perfect shoe, and the perfect hairstyle. Some girls even plan a year ahead. While that may be a little bit over the top, we will always find a number of girls looking up for the best hairstyles to sport for prom.


As proms are a formal event, it is always best to go for formal hairstyles that are not too formal, but still trendy to be sported on girls. Ranging from keeping it open, to sporting a trendy haircut, and even, the best of the best, a pretty half and half up do, we are here to discuss and share our opinion of some of the best half and half hair styles that are prom defining glam. We encourage you to steal some of these ideas for the best prom ever.


We start with how straight hairs always manage to keep it simple and sleek. Straight hairs, while they do not give much texture, gives a neat look that can complement a girl. Wearing a half and half up do in straight hair works best with thin braids running to the back.


Accessorizing with embellished hairclips are suited for formal occasions like prom. And it stands out when put up on straight hair. On one hand, it may be simple, on the other hand, braided headbands are also very elegant on the girls.


For girls with natural wavy hair, mess braids half up do are easy as well as pretty. With the natural waves, not much is needed to be done on the hair and looks best as it is. What can be done is to get creative on the braids. From French braids to fishtails, to Dutch braids, a lot can be done, depending on ow creative you can be.


Crown braids are also very popular among the girls and they are pretty to the eye and to the hair. Ranging from flat braids to thin ones or even in doubles, this hairstyle lets a natural crown sit on your head and make you look as regal as ever. What girl would not love that?


Another popular and on demand hairstyle is the waterfall braid. This can be worn on straight or wavy hair, as well as on long or short. The strand falling off in waved as the braids races across your head makes it look wonderful and is such a sweet style for girls.


For a hairstyle being taken to a higher level, a cute half up and half down with a bow tie bun is the definition of cuteness overloaded. While this is difficult to do on your own, a hair stylist will be able to make this work on your hair perfectly.


Half up and down hairstyles can also be sported on short hair just as beautifully as they are on long hair. Adding curls or waved to the tresses can always add more texture and refined look to the hairstyle, else, some prefer it messy and they go just fine as well. In the end, it is all about being satisfied with the way you look. Always remember, every girl is as beautiful as much as they are unique.

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