Half Topknot Hairstyles For Women



The top knot is a much loved hairstyle among the ladies. This look is  not only very casually chic and trendy and also quite easy to pull off. It is a really cool look for girls blessed with sufficient hair to pull it off. It is also a very suitable style not just for casual events but also formal ones. One such variation of the top knot is the half top knot.




The half top knot looks great with tousled hair, especially when the hair is allowed to  fall down on the front and over both the shoulders. Together with a middle parting and a half top knot, this messy look can make most girls look casually very elegant if not alluring. The half top knot also looks good with curly  and messy hair that falls down till the shoulders.




Singer Selena Gomez too has endorsed the half top knot look. But her top knot is slightly bigger. However, the half top knot looks even cooler with a side braided ponytail. However, the half top knot really shows of its versatility when it comes to the way it adapts with different  hair lengths.




The half top knot looks just as cool with just barely shoulder length hair. And, it also looks cool with hair that is  tightly cropped, instead of it falling down freely. The position of the half top knot also creates further variations. One can sport the half top knot either on the top of the head or towards the back of the head too.




Girls who love to colour their hair can also go totally bonkers with the half top knot too. They can make a subtle attempt at colouring the hair by colouring  just the top knot while leaving the rest of the hair as it is. For example, one can colour the top knot a vibrant shade of pink while leaving the rest of the hair jet black.




But, girls who are feeling a lot  more adventurous, can colour the whole mane including the half top knot a vibrant shade of teal blue. Such a hairdo is sure to make any girl stand out from the crowd. Another great pastel colour idea for this look is a slightly toned down shade of pink. Again, this look is strictly for those willing to make a really bold statement.




Girls can also go for a two tone colour scheme like black and yellow. But this look is hardly to everyone’s tastes but a girl is sure to grab quite a few eyeballs if she walks down the road in such a hairdo. But something that is perhaps a bit more understated yet equally eye-catching is a half top knot hairdo done up on a mane of bleach blonde hair.




Hence, half top knot hairdos such as  these pack quite the punch. The variations are quite subtle but each such variation adds a touch of uniqueness. But, if a girl wants to look effortlessly sensuous and also  stand  out from the mundane, then she will do well to try out these hairdos.

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