Half Bun Hairstyles For Women



Half hair up do is an effortless and manageable hairdo which will be ravishing and marvelous with a distinct make- over. This is also a fantastic formal hair make-over which looks professionally dashing when paired with formal black suit.


These half hair up dos can also be braided in the front and then continued for an elegant bun fitting in the middle. These half buns can be made just by pulling the half hair up and a rough swirl is made with one’s hair strand or a colorful band.


These half buns take their appeal at different positions from the back middle to the front middle of the scalp depending on one’s preferences. Depending on the lineation, shape and semblance of one’s scalp the choice of bun positioning on the scalp can be made right. A smart study about one’s scalp’s shape helps them to arrive at an awesome hairstyles with ts unique techniques.


These half buns also accompanies by braid dropping from the hidden half bun with its falling side bangs in the front. This type of half bun looks cool on a casual wear and a beach wear and will be throwing when made on a platinum blonde with light mix of golden to it.


Half up do with a doughnut bun is one of the classic and creative up do. These half up dos looks outstanding when floral swirl ups are being tucked in between the bun or at the sides of the bun. This half up do buns can also be associated and formed by following paired Dutch or French braids however preferable.


Half bun differs with its dimensions with the amount of hair pull ups. These hair pull ups can have its proper partition or a rough partition of hair which is being taken up handy with no means and without a standard partition. Half buns can be made forming a rose with strands in the centre of the scalp protruding the hair stranded rose on the wavy or straight sleek of preferred blonde.


Half buns takes its girlish and peppy make- over with two partitions where two half buns are made. These two half buns are made with braided front projecting the women carrying this kind of hairstyle to be funky and mischievous when accompanied by awesome large spectacular shades.


Half buns are the best mishmash of swirls and open ups. When one’s hair is wavy suiting the best of all the hairstyles, half bun is never a doubt. These are in fact quick and easy up do of one’s strands and gives a fantastic feel of ‘don’t care’. These buns are fantabulous when gets it decoration with tiny flowers and beads suiting well for an evening party as well.


This suits perfectly for a hangout with a casual wear paired with denim trousers and peddlers with a casual foot wear. This is the hair style which can give a vivacious and perky look for girls being on their casual heels and poppy and smashing nail pops.

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