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Boys, as they start growing up and begin their teenage years tend to become just as conscious of heir looks as much as girls do. While the hormonal changes may seem quite evident, so does their taste in fashion. From toys and games, they start entering into a new world. Going out with friends, having a taste in music, and changing the way they speak, to even their hairstyles, we see them as boys, not kids.

Here we are today, bring up a discussion about hairstyles that these young boys can sport to bring up their image, as well as build their confidence as an individual.

Young boys are at an age where their bodies are still young and their ability to regenerate from wounds and injuries are still fast. This would imply that they have healthier hair than most adults do, as they are yet to be exposed to extensive hair products that include hairsprays, creams, gels, highlights, etc. that can effectively ruin their hair at a young age. It is thus best that for the younger generation, hairstyles that do not require much maintenance and use of hair styling products should be avoided.

Short haircuts are often more suitable for young boys and there is not much to be maintained in this style of cut. It does not hamper with their day to day activities either. For a trendier look, they can simply spike it up at the center.

For boys with longer hairs, the shaggy hair is a favorite. While this look had been popularized by Justin Bieber, many more boys are found sporting this look. Be it blonde or brunette or black, the long shaggy hairstyle has become a trend among the boys. Not only is this low maintenance, which is ideal for young boys, but it looks great too. The hair need not be straight either. It looks good even on wavy hair.

This brings us to another point on how the wavy shag is also a favorite among boys with naturally wavy hair. This adds more texture to their hair and the layered look is often very complimenting. This is best for a casual appeal which, in truth, most young boys prefer.

For neater hair, tapered cuts in the classic good boy finish, make this a stylish, more formal look for young boys. While this haircut is also low maintenance, it adds be improvised with much style as needed. Best for boys who do not like to fuss with their hair, they can spike it up at the top.

Popular among African-American boys, is the natural short afro haircut, or even a shaggy curl to show off their natural thick coiled mane. Cornrows are also a trend among the hipper generation, who like their mane a bit more maintained.

All in all, young boys have equally more choices and they can do much with their hair, while taking care not to use too much products that may lead to hair damage. They have the best choices to flaunt their natural mane and look as stylish as the adult counterparts what with all the trendy haircuts coming up.

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