Hairstyles For Women With Round Face Shape




The biggest concern for any women with round face is to make camouflage the roundness, rather than highlighting it. The only secret, to achieve it, is to create the illusion of narrower and slim face with the right haircut and hairstyles.


Although, the face shape is one aspect to consider as an option for a new hairstyle, your natural hair length and hair texture, also should taken into consideration. Mostly, the longer locks with vertical lines will not be a super beneficial in achieving an elongated full face.


Either medium locks or short hairstyles can be a great choice to make your face look slimmer and cute. Do not forget to pair them with stylish bangs, as they can bring your overall look to absolute perfection.


There are some key points that you have to be careful with the choice of haircuts. When you select a hairstyle, your primary focus is to add length and height to your face. Therefore, some updo styles and bum pits are great ways to achieve it.


Secondly, layers to any hair length draws the eye downwards, which makes your round face look longer. If you have curly textured hair, make tight curls that add width to the face and, gives a bouncy effect.


Finally, avoid days going out with ponytail it may be either high/low, the thing is that as it pulls all hair backwards away from your face. This way of pulling the hair, actually accentuates the roundness.


Coming to the hairstyles, shaggy bobs with shoulder length hair and asymmetrical look up can draw the eye style downwards. Styled in shaggy layers with side parting, the bob works wonders at offsetting your overall appearance.


For any wedding occasions, you make side bun style with the bob hairstyle. With low bun at the side, sits perfectly at the nape of the neck and to this add side swept bang look, which hides the width of the face and make it look less round shape.


If you are a lover of sleek straight hair and wanted a bob haircut, then you must go with chin-length bob style. Keep the sleek texture throughout the hairstyle and to this have a side-swept bang that adds angle to counteract the roundness.






Another way to style your bang is the big swoop style. You can see this beautiful bang style in America’s sweetheart ‘Kelly Clarkson’. She flatters the round face with big swooping bangs down her face that covers one side eye and streamlining the top half of her hair.


When it comes to short haircut, make sure that you have more hair volume at the crown and that can give your face a longer look. Styles like short classic bob cut and pixie cut, can do all the necessary things to your round face.


With short classic bob cut with shorter back that hits near the ear line, accentuates the roundness of the face, whereas the layers in front are dramatically sweeping the chin.


Pixie cut with shaggy short layers at the front and long dense layers at the crown, is one of the trendiest super short hairstyle and this pixie cut balances the soft lines of the round face.

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