Hairstyles For Women With Long Face Shape



Hairstyles for Women With Long Face Shape






We have heard that everyone is beautiful in its own sense. The secret behind the beauty lies in various properties of various face shapes. People having different face shapes like round, square, heart shaped and oval may sulk over their properties but little do they know that every face shape has its own advantages and the hacks to manage them and utilise them to boost their brownie points. Talking of long face shape, it is the biggest blessing one can have because all you need to do is to increase the width in look. Since long face shapes lack the width and are longer in length, a cut which increases width can be the take-away to grace yourself. The quickest and wittiest remedy is to have shoulder length or ear length hair because the shorter it is the wider perspective it will lend to the length of face. Adding bangs will give another horizontal add on to your face whereas having spikes will be a strict no-no since spikes tend to increase the height in look, which is not needed. To sum it up, one can try for all those styles which are wider rather than long ones. Here are some styles one can done and flaunt it off.




  1. Short Bobs with Gold Streaks: Highlight done in short length hair do wonders to your look. The chin length bobs which end just below the jaw to highlight the jaw bones are also known as lobs. Lobs tainted in golden streaks are something you can set your eyes on the crown headed queen.



2. Long Yet Wide: If you willing for not compromising with your long length despite of having a long face, then just add bangs to widen the look. Sweeping the bangs aside and adding bit layers at chin side will create the illusion of increased width and thus will give.a wide perspective to long face.




3.High Forehead? No Worries: If you keep cursing your long face because you have high forehead too, then keep the density of flicks high. This can work better with long waves and curls rather than the straight ones since straights again tend to lengthen your face shape which is not needed.




4. A Bob with Long Bangs: If you own thick hair, then go for long bangs and straighten them. Leave the rest a bit loose and messy and you are all set for your look.




5. A Perfect thin Bob: Bobs are the best when it comes to having long face shapes. Having bobs till chin length is the cherry added on your perfection. Adding bit of bangs will never be a bad idea if you have long forehead too.




6. The Case of Curls And Fake Bobs: If you have long curls and are not just up for a cut then just underpin them in bob length and leave some longer curls free. The fake bob look will generate much applause and a mystery of the ‘how-to’ of the hairdo.




7. A Side Parting to Win it All: Side parting in your hair will hide the longer look of face and will give some width illusion to it, whereas the mid parting will cause you a longer lengthen face which you already want to modify with some hairstyling.

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