Hairstyles For Women With Chubby Face



Each one of us looks different, with difference in face features and hair textures as well. Nevertheless, the main goal for all women is to find flattering hairstyles that softens the face features and stay uniquely beautiful.


Most women have blessed with round chubby face and full of cheek, which bunch with every smile. If you are one amongst them with chubby face, then you personally should be happy because, the chubby face looks prettier than the slimmer ones.


Hairstyles matching the round chubby face, is a great task to choose as the wrong one can make roundness of face stand little too much. Rather than long hair, medium hair length with locks covering the sides can make your face look narrower, slim and cute.


The bangs – is the best choice for chubby face. You can have any style of bangs, from straight cut across the forehead or side-swept bangs. These bangs ensures perfect look by decreasing the chubbiness and give you an illusion of slimness.


Moreover, you can combine the bangs with any hairstyle type as it has much versatility. So never, forget to give a touch of bangs, to your unique hairstyle look.


The layered styles to any hair length will bring attention to the chubby face with fabulous look. Make short layers near your chin line and then gradually increasing the layer length towards the ends. It is perfect for both long and short locks as well.


To the layers, you can give a curvy touch that gives a bouncy effect and movement to the hair. However, you can wear these flawless layers with any hair textures like wavy/curly and straight locks.


Next choice will be the half-updo style. These updo styles can naturally slim down your face. By simply pull your hair up and make them into a high puff, this way it can make the hair not to fall over the face and leave out some strands to get an effortless style.


Instead of high puff, you can simply tease and tie the hair and pin a strand of hair at the back from both sides. This simple style will be easy and great to style on everyday busy routine.






If you are having a short hair length, then sharp bob hairstyle is one of the best look for fat and chubby round face. Try getting a chin length bob, which call attention to your jaw line and will make your bone structure stand out.


Make sure the chin length bob style is sleek straight and blunt at the ends. The sleek straight structure makes your hair to fall downwards and it is almost an angelic look. You can even go with asymmetrical sweeping that is an added benefit with high trend.


When you have love for curls then, give tight curls using a curling iron to your hair. Keep the hair open and concentrate on the side parting, rather than the centre-parting look. This will bring attention to forehead, rather than the cheeks and makes you look elegant.

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