Hairstyles For Women Over 60



Hairstyles For Women Over 60




Be it gender or age, the 21st century has defied all the restrictions and apprehensions regarding dress ups and hairstyling. Why not! After all ifs all about being well groomed and making that first impression. The world is witnessing a transformation where males are more conscious about their looks than females. It is time to shed off your apprehensions and old set rules of age too. If 30 is the new 20 then being 60 is still about being trendy. Gone are the days when the sixties and fifties used to retire not just from their work but also from the efforts of dress ups and hairstyling. Today’s time is all about changing, accepting and evolving. And when the change is about your own good looks, then who will not like it. Talking about being 60 and over, there definitely is some change in not just your lifestyle but hairstyle too. A soberness injects in but that never means that one needs to go on back-foot and never cares about looking good. So buckle yourself up and embrace the change you want to see in you but it gets buried somewhere deep inside the layers of your grey strands, the defying numbers of age and wrinkles on skin. For once, stop worrying about them and start living by trying on these rejuvenating hairstyles.




  1. Asymmetrical Pixie: Pixie is known for its happening look and uber avatar. It’s popularity is more because it is not just glamorous but also the best cut for working women. Those who want it smart and quick can go for it. There are numerous cuts in pixie which a hair-dresser can give you, but a well considered and well thought of pixie can crown you with smartness and glamour.



2. Blunt Bobs: Bobs go well when cut in blunt rounded shape. It also gives your face and features a much needed highlight. Remember to keep the length of bobs till shoulders and you will be all set for some freestyles like half-ups and half-downs and undoes.




3. The Classy Updo: if you have long hair, and just want to renew the look without trying any cut then just get the bangs in front and tuck your hair back and do a low or high updo. Set the bangs straight and you will be in limelight always with a simple yet classy updo.




4. The Emmy Lou Layers: The renowned fashion and music icon, Emmy Lou has always showcased her classy hairstyles and has set the red carpet ablaze. The thing about her hairstyle is multiple layers beginning from the short which includes flicks too, to longer layers. The length of the last layer depends on your preference of length for your hair.




5. Fonda Style: Want to follow a celebrity’s style? That too when the celebrity is.American actress, writer, political activist, former fashion model and fitness guru. Jane Fonda is a name never unknown or faded in this world and her signature hairstyle which can be a form of textured bobs and pixie mix. Easy to wear and maintain, this hairstyle is fuss free but fashion pumped always.




6. Grey Highlights Curls: Short hair and that too curly, sounds like a turn off? Never when you have so much on your plate. Pick the curls and give them grey or platinum highlights. This will not only give you a much boost in confidence to carry your curls but also a classic vintage look will add brownie points to the impression. A perfect style for the defying age numbers.




7. Long and Low Pony: Too busy or too lazy! Whatever it is, this is much glamorous, much classy and much easily kept hairdo any woman regardless of the age can go for. The biggest advantage of such hairstyle is that it can be done to the bed hair too and thus is not at all fussy. Just tie a low pony while leaving some loose strands dancing.

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