Hairstyles For Wedding Party



Hairstyles for Wedding Party




Weddings are always an extravaganza and a grandeur regardless of the territory. The glamour and the zeal involved in by the bride and bridesmaids is always seen in their anxious efforts. Hairstyles play a very darn important role in defining the look of a bride of the bridesmaid. Here are some styles that will rock looks of both the bride or the bridesmaid.




  1. Twisted Bun: Easiest, simplest and one of the sophisticated hairdos one can ever crown on. Just tuck back you hair and tie them in a natural bun. Tuck it with just a small pin and there you are ready with your looks to kill.



2. The Flat Twist: Twist your all sections and then pin them up in a flat side updo. It will boost the grace and you will be left wondering that why it did not click you before. Best for curly hair.




3. The Twists and Pins: start from the upper top hair and bring them back in the manner of doing a half up half down. Tie them in a twisted small bun and pin it and leave. Repeat the same with remaining hair and make a vertical line of twisted pinned buns and there you go with a unique rejuvenation.




4. Side Swept Braid: Best for both bride and the bridesmaid, curl the ends up and braid the top sides and sweep them aside with a tucked pin and you are all set to walk the aisle.




5. Half up Bun: Inject some creativity in it by doing the straight bangs ahead and leaving the messy half down beneath the bun as free. The combo of elegance and wilderness will make you stand apart.




6. The Demi-Bouffant: Pick your flicks and tuck them back with pin while puffing them up in bouffant and leave the rest hair open. A perfect trick to look amazing and dazzle any wedding.




7. Side Braid; Sweep hair on one side and start braiding them in fishtail and you are ready for any party or wedding. This is just another variation in braids by sweeping them to one side.




8. Low Knotted Bun: Bring hair back and pull a knot into the bun but don’t forget to keep it low to give it a classy touch. The knot tied low in a bun will leave not only the messier but classy aura to your hair.




9. Game of Thrones Braid: Start your braid from the middle up hair and tuck it back like a band. Leave the rest hair open and there you go the lady of GOT.




10. Waterfall Braid: Start braiding from one side and sweep it horizontally to other and you are all set for a sweet hairdo and spicy look for any wedding.




If you are a bride or even if a bridesmaid or just a lady to attend the wedding, the above mentioned hairstyles are perfect for you all to crown yourself with your head held high.

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