Hairstyles For Teenage Boys



Hairstyles for Teenage Boys




Hairstyles, glamour and teenage are quite the words which often tend to strike together. Why not! After all this is the age of craziness and also the age where one likes to experiment and is free to do to. Except some rules by schools, which can easily be tricked, teenagers have a lot creative on their plate when it comes to having hairstyles. One has to balance between what one likes and wants to experiment with and the swinging pendulum of school rules and regulations but this is definitely the age to shed off worries.




Sometimes sober, sometimes crazy should be the funda when it comes to giving a whirl to hairstyles and haircuts in teenage. Presenting you some options on your plate to get a fresh look and feel rejuvenated in your teenage because teen is all about passion.




  1. Sharp Partings: A sharp side part and razor cut on the other part will create a striking contrast and one also doesn’t need to be scared of school since the hair length is neither long, nor the look is fancy.



2. Traditional Brush Cut: Tapered sides and textured fronts, a fancy, flattering yet subtle hairdo to done and win the world and rock your looks amongst other teens.




3. Undercut: Having an undercut with long hair on one side (not too long but long enough for bounce) and faded on the other can make you stand out in the crowd.




4. The Wavy Soft Tapers: Wavy hair can be done with tools and some soft tapering can be done on the textures by giving a them a faded undercut look.




5. Textured Top and Templed Undershave: Undercut with a short textured hair top which should not be more than two inches long. And you are ready to conquer the world.




6. The Slick Flick: A Shaved side parting with shaved side part and slicked hair in front. Use some gel to give it a wet look and there you go.




7. Long Layers: Long, save hairs with masculine buzzed hair, if blowdeired well in straight up and back, can give you the look everyone will envy you for.




8. Short Mid Tapers: Mid tapered hair, brushed forward will work well with straight hair teens. While the haircut is too classy, one needs to taper them nicely.




9. Side Blown: Long hair on top, short hair on side and blowing back the long ones is a style one can done for even in formal and informal settings.




10. Short and Smooth Fade: A smooth fade and line up with the fade starting from low. Though few experiments can be done with high fades too.




Teenage can be the age of confusion, perplexities and craziness. Amidst so much going, every teen is damn worried about their looks. The only remedy is to keep it low and cool and the sophistication teamed up with some funkiness will do the trick to rejuvenate your look. Be the Teen King and Teen Queen.

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