Hairstyles For Round Face Men



Only, problem with finding a flattering hairstyle is to choose one that suits the face shape, which is an essential aspect to think. Because, the right haircut can make your face features to enhance, as well to draw attentions in a great way.


When it comes to choosing hairstyle for round face, it is not only about scoping with the latest trends and picking your favorite. The characterization of the round face is nearly equal in width and height, full cheekbones with rounded jaw line.


Although this shape, tends to lack some angular features and prominent lines. Therefore, to balance out these drawbacks, the perfect hairstyle should have wide width and add height to elongate the face. In addition, exhibiting the soft cheekbones and jaw line should be the main aim while looking hairstyle for round face.


You can try styles like side parted angle styles and cuts with pompadour, slick back, quiff or undercut. These haircuts naturally have the tendency to offer volume and elongated look to the face, so it will be a perfect choice for round faces.


Moreover, stay away from fringe/bang look that cut straight across your forehead, even if you love it. As the short cuts, at the forehead, can emphasize the shape of the head more, this does not suit the round face.


Mostly, the undercut trend is one of the ideal look for round face shaped men. Since, the shaved side enhances the appearance of both height and fullness of the top. The undercut style versatility is another benefit, which can combine with any other hairstyle like a king.


Thick short haircuts at the top that has combed uniformly downwards at the sides, gives you a super look. You can even groom the top with some impression at the tip front than leaving it to be flat, also this kind of locks is easy to maintain.


Simple side part or half side part can be a perfect look for workplace environments. The simplicity of this look offered by an inch longer at the top and with the lower shaved sides, followed by the longer strands on the upper sides is the overall styling way of this look.








For an adventurous look, stripped pullback will be a greatest hairstyle. This sleek back look dims the roundness of the face and directs attention to sense good. Make sure, the sides are clean shave and a single strip carved on the sides, along with the smoothed wave towards the back is incredible.


The latest hair trend for round face is the slick hair and spiky hair look. The key is a deep part at the sides introduced to give angularity for soft features, is the benefit of these both styles.


You can take an example, from One Direction’s Niall Horan who balances out his round face with tall spiky hair. The side short cuts emphasize the spike height and the inch tall, spikes dramatically change your natural profile face.

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