Hairstyles For Oval Face Men



Hairstyles for oval face men






Oval face shape, also known as the most versatile or ideal face shape, can be defined with a face which has a slightly longer length as compared to the width with no sharp angles. But no matter how great a face shape is choosing  a perfect hairstyle is often a dilemma for most people out there, so here are some great hairstyles for men with an ideal oval face.


  1. Brush back hairstyle: As the name suggests this hairstyle is equal amount of easy and classic and looks amazing on oval face shapes.

2. Mid-fade with pompadour: pompadour is a very popular hairstyle among stylish men and this hairstyle takes that up a notch. Perfect with medium hair that drops down behind the ears.


3. Taper fade with quiff: This hairstyle lies on the conservative side making it perfect for schools, offices and other formal settings. One can take it to another level with a change in the color of hair.


4. Undercut with a comb over: The combination of traditional hairstyle with an undercut has made this a timeless and a very popular hairstyle among men. Men with oval faces will take this to another level having a versatile face shape.


5. Caesar cut: This round shape haircut is an excellent choice for oval face shape as it balances it out making the ideal shape more pleasant.


Men with oval shaped faces should avoid fringes or anything which covers their forehead because that makes your face appear rounder. To avoid this ask your barber to work with your hair’s natural growth pattern which will lift off the hair coming on your forehead. Instead creating some angles and volume on the top can sharpen the face a little bit. Take notes from the dashing celebrities like George Clooney, Jake gyllenhaal, Jude law, Enrique Iglesias and Bucky Covington(rocking those wavy long locks).


One of the other things which affect your look besides a good haircut is hair type which gives life to a great hairstyle. Here are some suggestions for oval faced men having different hair types



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