Hairstyles For Long Hair Women 2019



With long hair, the sense of elegance look is guarantee. Because, the fall off nature that gives to your face, is amazing. Sometimes you may feel stressful, with the long length and styling it every day.


Generally, you do not need to look for inspiration. A simple high ponytail or highly twisted with knotted ponytail can give you classy look. The great thing about long hair is its versatility, as it can give you room for experimenting with color and layers. So, go for a look below to some hottest hairstyles of 2019 with long hair.


Layered hairstyle looks fantastic with long hair. With layered style, your long hair is manageable and eliminates the irritating factor of long strands. When you have a feeling of burden with long hair, layered style gives you best solution. This style gives volume to your hair and allows flexibility to add more style.


Just take a note about your face look, before going for layered cut. When cutting the layers, cut the shortest layer so that it highlights the flattering point on your face.


For sleek long hair look, try ‘Multi – Layered Mix’. With this style, you will feel like an ultimate goal with long hair. The ‘Face – Framing layers’, is the most flattering hairstyle that the cut blends longer layers with the rest of the hair. You can also try for more layered styles.


Bangs are now in great demand, with long hair. Bangs or fringes, are something where some amount of hair is, cut across your forehead. With bangs and layers, you can have trendy ideas for wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, and ombre long styles.


‘Free flowing brunette hairstyle’ – this style gives you a brunette look that you desire to get always. When you prefer to wear bangs across your forehead, this will become your sweet choice.


‘Brunette Balayage for thick hair’ – gives your hair a fairly brighter look. This style, allows full bang that is balance with light brown balayage highlights.


The side swept bangs will become your absolute favorite. Make these fringes into swoopy, braid them, pin, or slick back, so that you can achieve different styles with bangs every day. ‘Two-tiered fringe with tousled layers’ is the most common side swept bang style. This look is weightless; with balayage, colors can give you a special personal detail.


Famous celebrities who you would always admire for, has also styled their long hair with ways that you can take for ideas. With flowing locks at the nape of the neck, ‘Jennifer Lopez’ facilitates her glamour look. Long and bouncy look ‘Julia Roberts’ gives her framing waves. With no much make up and sleek centre part ‘Kim Kardashian’, is strikingly cool.


We all dreamt for a long, gorgeous, and healthy hair with any texture. With any texture of long hair, you can make various styles. Based on your personal choice and style, you can go for more ideas to fascinate.

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