Hairstyles For Afro-American Men


With the tightly coiled natural black hair, there are numerous hairstyles that African-American men can opt for, despite it being tricky as to which hairstyle to get. But option range from short, to medium to long hair. Choosing a style can thus be hard.

Not to worry though, because we have been observing the various haircuts and styles that have been coming up, and we must day, they are pretty awesome. There was rarely as many styles years ago than there are now. Tis gives an opportunity to explore and see the different kinds and then choose what we like best, or which style will suit best.

As we are all in for the trendiest hairstyle, we have not left out all the black men out there. Thus, we have here, a compilation of the most trending and happening hairstyles.

The buzz cut seems almost as though the whole amount of hair has been cut off, but rather, the length is actually very short. The clean lines and neat trim makes this look more presentable tan actually going bald. Why we suggest this? Zero maintenance. This is apt for athletes and whoever else has no time to think about their hair. The cut also accentuated the facial structure.

A line up haircut is a similar version of buzz with a slightly longer hair and the very neatly trimmed front and sides, it is almost geometrical. Like the former, there is zero maintenance and is suited for men with a strong facial structure.

A new trend is to let the natural African-American hair grow out and be free, at a decent length. The sides are then given a neat faded trim. The natural, tiny curls add shape to the look. Beards are very complimenting tot this look.

Dreads are popular among back me and so they decided to bring this up in funk. The dreads on the top with a fade cut on the sides and behind gives a cool new look. When teamed up with etched lines around the fade…even better.

Now who said black men cannot sport a Mohawk? This style with the short Mohawk, which is more like a fohawk looks cool with the medium length and the thick bushy curls. A neat trim to the sides and a cool line etches to the side makes it cooler than it can ever be.

A textured top and a high face work well on black men, provided the leth is not kept too long. Letting the natural curls grow on top gives shape as well as texture.

A retro look is never too old. This cut with flat high top and the neat graduated fade along the sides gives a take back to the past. The hair is flatted out at the top.

Curls can still be locked on low fade cuts. While this may require a lot of styling gel to keep the mane neat and defined, it is a sexy cut to sport.

A disconnected high fade is doing the amazing work of making black men more handsome these days, whether it be in dreads or in natural curl or if its styled with a glob of hair-gel, the sharp line cut and clean neat lines makes this one sexy look to sport. Thumbs up to this one.

The skin fade cuts, the dreads, the natural curls whether big or tiny or medium…you name it and there will be a hairstyle to suit every black man out there. It all about choosing what will look best.



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