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While we all long for dense hair, some of us have thinner hair that do not add up much volume to the hair nor does it offer much texture. Be it from hair loss due to generic disease, environment, or due to old age, it poses a problem for all.

Thinning hair tends to make one appear older. Well, no one wants to go bald at a young age of course, or be called grandpa. Men tends to make the situation worse with the use of hair products. The more you panic, the worse it really will be. So keep calm, because every problem has a solution!

A good haircut and a suitable hairstyle can do wonders to take the attention off the thinning hair and make it appear denser than it actually is. Thus we offer several hairstyles that can work out on the thin hair and make it look right.

The short hair style is just as suitable for thin hair as much as it is for thicker ones. This brings the hair to the center, thus it brings the attention away from the lack of thickness. A short stubble or facial hair also gives the appearance of having denser hair than there actually is.

Hipster haircuts also work well to hide the thin hair. However, this is suitable for only those with minor thinning, as otherwise it might make the overall look become awkward. A few days’ worth of facial hair can detract attention from the thinner sides.

Likewise, long hair or subtle spikes help to hide a receding hairline. Too much spiking may however make the scalp visible. That is a big NO because we do not want that, do we? The secret is to keep it as simple as possible.

Adding height is another way to hide the thinning hair or, naturally thin hair. The height helps in concealing the thin hair as well as giving a stylish look.

Adding highlights can help in hiding the imperfections as well as the difference in the shade of hair can give an illusion of thicker hair as well as volume. Highlights on long hair is thus, another trick that can be easily employed.

As the thinning region is usually at the center of the head, it is a wise idea to hide this portion, but here, we shall be doing it in a stylish way. Thus, we bring the side swept hairstyle. With the long hair at the center, swept to the side, it covers up the central area of the head, effectively hiding the receding hairline.

While much can be done to the hair itself with the variety of hairstyle, keeping a beard or growing a facial hair can minimize the overall effect that fine thin hair has on the appearance. Clean shaven tends to make the thinning more pronounced.

While it may be difficult sometimes, it is never impossible to still look handsome and sport the hairstyle that can change our appearance. It all lies in how we make the best out of it. In this case, thin hair is not an excuse.


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