Hairstyle For Thick Haired Women



Hairstyles for Thick Hair Women




The biggest flaw with being a women is shellack of self confidence when it comes to own body. Almost every third woman of the world feels dissatisfied with their appearance and in that process, they often ignore what they have in them. Every woman is different and is beautiful in her own sense. Sulking about nose, eyes, ears and hair is the common phenomenon among them. At one end, women with thin and frizzy hair have complaints about hair and on the other, even thick haired women never stop sulking.




Talking of thick hair, one hardly needs to be worried about because it is actually a blessing. Women with thick hair have been blessed with the density others yearn for and dream about. The only challenge with thick hair is maintenance and right conditioning with right haircuts and one is all set to launch their looks to headlines. Here are some hairstyles for thick haired women




  1. Layers and Bangs: If you find layers as normal then add some bangs to it and sweep them aside. Blow drying the layers sometimes in and sometimes out can give you a change in look and make you look much happening like a diva.



2. Long Hair with Undercut: Feel too hot with long hair ? Specially at the nape of neck? Fret not! Get a lined cut at the nape of your back and whenever you tie a bun, the undercut will be visible to glam up your look and set you apart.




3. Choppy Layers: have lots of layers as chopped onions and leave them free. Remember to keep the length short till shoulders as the bounce of layers will not only give It density but with the longer hair, it will irritate you in summers.




4. Undercut Pixies: Keeping one side long enough till ears and other side as undercut in pixies will create a mark for you amongst all.




5. Medium Messy Bobs: Trim down your long locks into medium length bobs and down the shaggy look. Enhance the glamour with some contrast pop colours.




6. A Line Bobs: If you want work, fun and play in one shot, go for A line babs which is quite easy in maintaining and playing with a dab of colour can double glam it up anytime.




7. Medium layers: Best way to prevent ballooning of thickness and don’t forget that layers are the key to healthy and manageable bounce if rightly trimmed in length.




8. Shoulder Grazes: Having a shoulder length straights will enhance not just your beauty but also the comfort of managing your hair.




9. Angled Medium Cut: Get a shoulder length strength in the back and angled long layers in the front will give it an edgy look.




10. Long Layered Bobs: Trim hair in two layers in bob style and colour them up with some nice shade of blonde and pull on any outfit and hit any event, you will always look fabulous. Good Luck with you thick strands.

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