Hairstyle For Small Face Women



Hairstyles for Small Face Women






Hairstyles and haircuts are detrimental to face cuts to a very great extent. Long oval shapes need a different haircut than the round once. Similarly, face size also determines which type of haircut will be suited more. While picking any hairstyle, one needs to ponder over few things in mind, which includes not just face shape and size but also the texture of hair. Fine and frizzy ones will be sectioned for something different than thick textured ones. Having thick hair on small shaped faces combined make an altogether different look and haircut and styling options available. One can have their own style statement even with the small face shapes. Before you start biting on your nails and anxiety and unnecessary anticipation, let’s delve deep into the world of hairstyles available for short faces.




1.The Short And The Sweet: When having a small face, its better to go with short haircuts which define your face profile more as compared to the long ones which will hide your side face and will make it look shorter.




2. P for Pixie: A low maintenance, elegant haircut which will emboss the cheekbones and face shape and thus making your face more visible. Many celebrities have gone for such styles.




3. The Bangs: Having bangs with short hair or fringes in front, with pixies or blunts or even waves for that matter, will accentuate the face profile you have and will help you look extra gorgeous. One can try tainting them with various shades of blondes and browns.




4. Fold over Twisted Bangs: Tie the fringes firm and tuck them under bigger layer. A simple and cute hairdo to win hearts and make your mark.




5. The Symmetry in Fringes: Dividing your fringes from the middle and front part and tying the rest at the back in form of bun will give a framing to your face and thus enhance the required to be highlighted features such as eyes, nose and lips.




6. Shaggy Pixie: Best for thick density hair, it looks like the thick stresses have been swept aside but the haircut is completely different than the normal pixie cut since it is more of shaggy than blow dried and set which gives of cuter look.




7. Half Up Blunts: Having blunts till shoulder or ear length and doing a half up and half down hair do will make you win over others in looks. Be it long straights, or curly waves, these half up blunts will look awesome for any occasion.




Having a short shaped face is never a crime or a reason to hide or feel nervous. Every face shape has something striking to emboss and something to camouflage. So without worrying too much about what needs to be hidden, focus on what needs to be highlighted and pick your hairdo accordingly. Picking the right hairdo and hair colour will surely boost your confidence and looks which you must have been craving for since long.

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