Hairstyle For Frizzy Hair Women



Hairstyles for Frizzy Hair Women






The sheer sound of word, ‘frizz’ can make many freeze as it is always looked down upon, and is a hair type which everyone is scared to own. Frizzy or wavy hair are often despised due to the prevailed notion of not looking squeaky and well arranged like straight ones. In the world of hairdos and perfection, the one having frizzy hair often ends up sulking everyday and wishes for a miracle to transform their look. In such times, we wish for a pandora box which fulfils our wish of getting rid of these frizzes forever.




But sometimes, few things should be left pure and untouched, like your frizzy hair. Before you agape in shock, let’s tell you hat frizz also can have its own charm provided you use the right hairstyle with them. Yes and when it comes to hairstyling, there is no dearth of hairstyles specially designed for frizzy and wavy hair. These styles don’t strive to camouflage your frizz but emboss it and this is how you can pick any of these which are mentioned below specially for you.




1. Messy High Ponytails: When the ordinary can make you special, this is where the high ponytail in wavy hair comes into the scene. High ponytails go well with any outfit and occasion, you just need to wear it classy.




2. Messy Side Fishtail Braid: Be it a bad hair day or the wavy one, messy fishtail is the recipe of preventing disaster.




3. Side Ponytail: Long hair but wavy? Tie a knot in side ponytail and keep it low. If you own short ones then a side-high pony will do the trick,




4. Twist in the Story: A twist in your hair story, will increase your glory. Twist and turn your strands and and tuck them up randomly in the back with bobby pins. Do a side parting in front and twist those front flicks on one side and tuck them. A perfect look for any party or red carpet.




5. Side Bun: Leave your frizzes free and let them breathe in their own beauty. Just tie a loose side bun and tuck it with some nice bun pin and there you are all ready to grab eyeballs.




6. A Puffy Braid Mashup: A puff, a braid and half ups and half downs. Combine them together, starting with the puff then braid and then sectioning them in half ups and downs.




7. The Waves and Bangs and Platinums: Together these three make a beautiful story of your hairdo. Wavy long hair with straight blowed bangs and tinted in platinum. A perfect look to kill for. What else you looking for?




8. Spiral Curls: Want a subtle and sophisticated look? Twist your waves in curls from mid to down and make a spiral out of them. Make a low angle side pony and tuck them together. You are all set to cast the magic.




9. The Messy Ups and Downs: Just go with the flow of your frizzes and make a half up and half down hairdo with them. Just keep the height of the rucked pony a big higher than the normal for a sporty look. And there you are, all ready to hook.




10. Pony First Braid Next: Make a high pony and braid it together and tie. We bet that everyone will ask you about your hairstyle.

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