Hair Tattoo Ideas



Wikipedia defines a hair tattoo as something that gives the illusion of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a bald head. And, that this can be used to hide any scars or make thinning hair look thicker. Well, that’s just Wikipedia. Hair tattoos are a cool way to play with hair in a very different kind of way. And like most new hairstyles this too provides girls with a myriad of choices.




This look as the name would suggest isn’t for the faint-hearted. Going for this look involves a certain degree of commitment towards it and a lot of attitude to compliment it. Otherwise it becomes quite the task when it comes to pulling it off. But if one is all set to embrace this style, then there are a few ways of going about it.




One can start with a leaf undercut which goes well with a summer up-do. And where there is the leaf, there is the flower undercut as well. This design which is quite intricate ranges from freehand to floral designs. But if a girl is new to this style then playing it safe with a triangle undercut would be the logical approach. If this doesn’t cut it, then an asymmetrical cut is sure to be a standout.




A girl can also play with geometric designs and there are options in this case like the linear and the arrows undercut. But one can also go for a zigzag undercut too. One can also go for a tattoo like the lotus undercut which works well with short and long hair both. But if the heart craves for a cut that makes a subtle statement, then the diamond undercut is the one to go for. The heart undercut creates a similar statement.




But if a girl wants to really create a statement that is both intricate and in the face, then the two-tone undercut is the way to go about it. One can also go for a shorn nape undercut. An intricately designed undercut with vibrant shades of pink is another cool option for a hair tattoo. This is one punk look that will make everyone take notice.




Now if one wishes to go all out on a hair tattoo then one side of the hair can be shaved thin for an intricate tattoo design while keeping the other side covered. The look is so outrageous that it’s cool and not just in a hip kind of way! And, one can go totally crazy with this variation by colouring the tattoo with shades of green or red or pink or even golden. The choice solely rests on the wearer’s tastes.




So, hair tattoos are quite a style. It’s totally a punk look and one that the hipsters can go totally bonkers with.  But one thing is for sure, hair tattoos make a personal statement like nothing else in the world of fashion. In a world which can sometimes be overburdened with mediocrity, this style is like a breath of fresh hair for all the rebels out there. Rebels, with or without a cause.

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