Hair Part Styles For Men



Something about parted hairstyles is that, it makes the men distinguished, also is one of the classic of classic hairstyles and even easy to style. In addition, this parted side of hair goes well with all other hairstyle types on the top.


From traditional, long or modern fades, with shorter sides or sleek and messy straight/curly variants, anything can be your part choice. Based on the top hairstyle, mix the part side styles for a better and well balanced look.


With curly textured hair, side-parted fade can be a great choice. Although, when you have natural part as hair that tends to fall more on the other side, the emphasize look can created by deep side part fades. It gives a distinct look, along with the curly top.


If you look for an ideal way to style the thin sleek texture hair, the straight and slick side part will be the best one. Do not try to pump up your hair as it may make your hair look sparse, rather go with the side slick part that looks neat and pulled together.


When you have a long and thick hair, slightly brush your hair into a quiff and having a clean part at the sides, results into a fantastic look. The side part allows you to avoid the blocky look, and it is good option for a party or to an event.


To the thick hair, even Fauxhawk can be a great interpretation style with the low fades parted side. This overall hairstyle looks like a tight structured one and you do not worry whether it overwhelm the overall appearance.


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