Hair Colour Ideas For Short Hair Women



Hair Colour for Short Hair Women






The so called problem with short hair is not just the limited options of hairstyling but also the hair colour and highlights. Talking of short hair, one myth is the limited options of haircuts and styling and the another myth comes as next is the hair colour. If you have short hair then experimenting with hair colour is just so your thing. The best thing about choosing a hair colour for short hair is that one doesn’t need to think about which colour to pick as shorts will team up with any including highlights. Let’s delve deep into what colours short hair ladies can have.




1. Ombre Lights: Blonde light colours like lightest of browns will suit the blunt cuts, pixie and bob cuts too. This can be teamed well with dark browns, Burgundy and few shades of greens when it comes to highlights.




2. Brunettes: Play with various shades of browns when it comes to short hair and believe or not, all will suit the short strands and will enhance its beauty.




3. Reds and burgundies: Try tainting yourself red with short pixies or mix it with Burgundy or browns. A trial with mash ups on your short hair with these combinations will be deadly gorgeous.




4. Pinks: Go pink with a wink and when you want to play it uber cool and ultra hot at the same time. If you want to have a look which is out of the box, always go for the colour which is out of the box but yet so much in.




5. Honey Caramels: Caramel is the best in elegance and when it comes to formal shorts, this is the best to done. Caramel goes well with browns, golds and Burgundy.




6. Grey and Grace: Dark grey goes well with bob or blunt cuts and can be teamed up nicely with light blondes.




7. Pastels: Be it pinks, blues or greys, pastel shades of these will always be sober and subtle.




8. The Ash Dash: Pixies and bobs go super well with blondes and ash.




9. Copper Reds: Going red in copper shade will give you an uber cool look.




10. Dark Reds: Maroons and shades of darker red will give a tinge of browns and your hair will shine awesome in grace.




11. Two Tones: Colouring half greys and half blues or browns will catch many eyes when it comes to short haircuts. Best suited for bobs and blunts, this hair colour will rock your looks and the world around you.




12. Light Greys: if darker greys are mysterious then lighter shades of it are playful for sure. Try the lighter tones of grey and rock the world.




So shun off your misconception about having short hair and limited haircuts or short hair and limited hairstyles or hair colours for that matter, because there are plethora of things you can do with your short hair and rock on the world of beautiful hair. Get, set and go Short!

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