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Green Highlights




Be it any season, event, dress, face shape or haircut, highlights will always be working like oxygen in the monotonous colours of hair colours. Highlights give a tint to your hair which boosts the natural shine and makes it look like another darker or lighter shade in the hair. Highlights are done both with the brush and foil paper style and also in balayages. There is no dearth of colours when it comes to highlighting.




Ranging from normal darker or lighter shades of browns, better known as blondes, to few funky ones like pink, red, yellow or even blue and purple are available to dab and play with hair. Amidst all this pool of colours, green is not left behind. Before you shrink your noses, let’s spill the beans that greens are not from the colour wheel of neon greens but some elegant sophisticated tinges of greens. So she’d off the thought of worrying about tinting yourself green and go green. Here are some gorgeous hairdos one can give a whirl to, with greens.




  1. The Brunette and The Green: If you have brunette hair with a dark brown tint, then paint your streaks with emerald green and the slight and soft contrast will kick off the ultimate glamour in you. If having short hair then wearing green emerald on crown top will do the needful to cast magic.



2. Miracles of Mint Green: Paint your streaks with mint green. Keeping only few strands in mint green will inject the fresh look in your brunettes. Mints look great with darks but even platinums go well with it. Short hair ladies can have mint greens on flicks to highlight and get highlighted.




3. Gracious Grass Greens: A green which seems to change its shades according to which colour it is used on, is grass green. A super funky and fun filled shade, which goes absolutely striking with light blondes. One can always paint the front part green or the back strands green. Pulling these highlights up in the ponytail will enchant the onlookers.




4. See the Sea Green: Sea green may go well with light blondes and lighter browns. Platinums will do wonders with sea greens. Be it any length, one can always opt for which place to get these highlights on.




5. Blues of Bluish Green: Platinums, light blondes are the perfect colours to crown yourself with bluish green. Getting it tainted in the back can give an awesome view of high braids ponytails and getting it on top creates an aura of the crown. The immediate front can be tainted in flicks and can cast a different magic to your looks.




6. Peacock Green: A green so alive and divine is peacock green and when it comes to highlights, peacock green is sure to make you stand apart as the colour itself is magnetically magical and will grab attention with an awe on their faces.




Green is not the normal highlights colour according to many, as there are chances of goofs if not matched with the right colour. But if carefully considered and chosen, one can conquer the most beautiful colour territory in highlights.

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