Green Hair Color Ideas For Women



These days, many women go beyond boundaries to be in trend along with the fashionista, especially the color accents. Women started experimenting with variety of hair colors at its peak and started trying shades other than the common hair colors of brown.


The trendiest hair color and the recent fashion style, is the infused green hairstyles. Various popular options of green color accents are the green highlights on the natural base hair, green ombre hair or the green complimenting another unnatural hair color.


With long locks of straight sleek textured hair, complete dark green shade throughout the hair gives you the best option. For the layered and pointed ends, always go with complete shade rather than the split green color accents.


The mermaid magic of emerald green hair color that fades out gradually down the hairline, gives you a fun playful style. Make sure your hair has deep-layered cut with pointed ends for this hair color look.


If you have thick texture hair, then go with beautiful forest green hair color. Nothing shows off this green color than the jade plaited hairstyle, which is the inverted Dutch braid full of voluminous look.


When you have long beautiful wavy locks, go with a two-color tone combination of deep peacock blue on the top and gradually decreasing with the light green color. Cascade down this hair color with a lovely fishtail braid and you will definitely getting turning heads.


Icy green hair color can channel your ringlet long curls into an adorable edgy style. Start with some silver blonde roots and transit it seamlessly with soft icy green ringlet tresses. The icy green blends perfect with the silver root hair.


The holographic hairstyle, with color combination of silver, blue and green color makes every bit of your hair sounds beautifully. With wavy texture, this prismatic hair color is all yours.


The multi-colored pixie cut paired up with a green color and a vibrant purple shade is edgy way cool. Along with the side-swept bang covering one part of the face, this multi-colored pixie cut gives you serious sparks.


The right green ombre at the tip ends of the lob straight sleek hair takes your look to the next level. To accentuate this green color accent, go with complete platinum shaded hair and blunt cut bangs across the forehead.


If you want any bold look to your blunt lob style, go green with different multiple shades of teal, emerald and lime colors. This hair color will give you full of life and dimensions with each turn of your head.


Sometime, for a different chic bob look give your top hair a heavy look with dark green color. From the perfect half of the hair, give a dark grey ombre shade. The half-and-half hair color, offers you an unpredictable look that is an eye-catching style.


With wavy textured bob hair and bang style, give your mane a makeover by adding lovely lime green highlights in it. These chunky lime sections will blend nicely with your natural dark black or brown hair color.


There are still more options of infused green color accents available, which look great with each hair types.

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