Gisele Bundchen Hairstyles



Gisele Bundchen Hairstyles




If you are one of those who think its easy and a blessing to have long wavy hair, then you are wrong. Longer the hair, more is the need for nourishment and the right haircut and hairstyling along with the condition of teaming it up with the right hair colour. But worry not. Gisele Bundchen, a name never unknown in Brazil when it comes to sizzling modelling, has aced it all in the field of having long wavy hair and yet has managed to come up with different hairstyles every time. What is the secret of her various hairstyles or what are those? To know this all we need to take a look at few of these mentioned below.




  1. Windblown Waves: Suitable for round, oval, square, heart and diamond shaped faces, this windblown waves are not fully straightened but are given soft waves till the end to boost the sun kissed look. This style is elegant and is bouncy in look, easy to do and maintain, best worn with golden blonde.



2. Long Casual Waves: Best for oval, long, square, heart shaped and diamond shaped faces, this layered hairstyle is more about freedom as it lets the mid-length to the ends wave free and thus enhancing the beauty of bounce and volumes. Time saving and easy maintenance are few things which make it top on the list of Gisele.




3. Long Long Casuals: Best suited for oval, long, triangular, square and heart shaped faces, this hairstyle has a bit messy look and waves tavern through fully with a whisk of funk and the dark brown and golden tint can enhance the hidden beauty of this hairdo. Perfect one for any evening.




4. High Pony Waves: Just tuck your hair into high pony but don’t forget to blow them with some curvy waves to oomph the hot stunning look and there you go. Best for long and oval shaped faces but also goes well with round ones.




5. The Queenlike Tucks: give soft waves through blow-dry from mid to the end, and bring both side flicks at back and tuck in while keeping the mid partition on. Give them bounce by turning head upside down and pull on any outfit and the hairdo will never fail to impress people.




6. Three layered Waves: Ever heard of waves in blow dry having layers? Well its possible and extremely pretty. Set your hair in first waves according to the first layer of hair cut and go down accordingly. A tint of golden brown with light blondes in between through balayage will cast its magic along with.




7. The Semi Straight Waves: Shaping your waves in semi-straight way and then tucking your front flicks in back slicked manner and leaving the rest loose has its own charm. Best suited for long, oval, round and diamond shaped faces.




If life has many occassions, event and dresses, you never need to make a fuss about your hair. Be it about length, colour, haircut, hairstyling or anything, the world is on toes to glam you up.

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