Ginnifer Goodwin Hairstyles



Ginnifer Goodwin Hairstyles




Short hair is often considered as curse because people think that there are very limited options available in front of them for hairstyling. The Big Love debutante Ginnifer Goodwin has proved them all wrong. She has experimented with her only signature style: pixie in myriad ways one can ever imagine. The reason why every hairstyling suit her is because she has pondered wisely before picking up the haircut for her. Having a round face and donning it with pixie hair cut in various styling has always kept her on page 3 for her avatars. Let’s have a look at her experiments and expansions.




  1. A Fine Brown Catty Look: Round face with brown eyes can be laced best with brown tinted pixie cut with a bit longer on sides to cover the hair and give you the exactly needed young look. A much tried and tested pixie by Goodwin.



2. Messy and the Pixie: The messier with shorts, specially in pixies, can give you the wild look you must have been looking for in your short hair. So shun the thought of lacking the glamour with short hair because that is not the trend which Goodwin has set.




3. Side Parted Pixies: side parting the pixies and dividing them evenly, more on one side and less on others will not only give you a different look but will confuse the others to take a guess about your true haircut but will always leave them in awe.




4. Straight Growing Bangs Pixies: Seems like Ginnifer has done PH.D in pixies and has also experimented with straight bangs when it came to trying variations with pixies.




5. The Thick Hair Solution: if you having thick hair and have lost hopes on having a good haircut then take example of Ginnifer who has always made it to the top when it came to getting highlighted for her hairstyles.  Having pixies in thick hair leaves a density impact which generally is lacking.




6. Trimmed Pixies: Having just trimmed pixies from sides and the top front bangs, gives it a catty look which one can donne for any event or dress.




7. Short in Back Pixies: Trimming pixies normally from front and going almost faded shorts at the back gives bounce to the haircut and thus enhances the voluminous look of hair.




8. Silky and Messy Pixie: Messier because silkier is the trick to win hearts and grab eyeballs because the natural shine in the hair will give you the glam diva look.




9. Messy in the Front and Back; Having pixies which are a bit rough and messy from the front bangs and also at the top back will do the trick for casual affairs. The density in between both will define the elegance along with the wilderness.




10. Undercut Pixies: Having pixies ending with undercut and fades will give it a unique and much needed transformation.




So hit the salons, buckle yourself up and transform your look with short hair.

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