Gentleman Haircuts


Amidst the rat race of fashion, grooming, looks and glamour, men are nowhere less than their women counterpart. Salons, gyms, plucking, colouring, waxing, these are no more just a woman’s forte. Men too have joined the bandwagon. The don’t just dress to impress but also style to kill and glamorise to dazzle. Be it funky or formal, they seem to have mastered it all. However, the bottleneck comes when there is a question of formal gentlemanly haircuts. There is a misconception prevailing that only few are the options available for gentleman’s haircuts. So let’s bust the myth and present you some fabulous hairstyles.




  1. The High and the Tight: For those having silky strands, this goes perfect with all formal outfits and events. Two inches shorts on top but fades on sides merging into napes and sideburns will give you a clean-cut gentleman look and also of the bad guy. The look can be spotted in the famous TV show Boardwalk Empire. To give an edge to the front shorts, one can try for gel or sprays and you are all ready to set the blaze ablaze.



2. The Pompadour: This look can be donned with even wavy hair and one has to keep longs on the top with a new modification of bangs included in it. Replicating James Dean look will require your to curl your locks a bit but generally it goes quite well in straights. The key to this look lies in more on top because the style is meant to sweep the top strands either back or in side and if the length is short, the look will end up making you look like a porcupine.




3. The Square Flair: A little more on top is needed in terms of length to get this look. A square shaped cut is the main attraction of this haircut and the top has the most density. Just the perfect look for formal places and events. More of styling can be done with the use of mousse and comb it back. It will give you a wet hair slicked back look.




4.Gent Gazette: This style is famous for its tapered look. So one needs to have a bit of length for the top. It can be best in both silky hair and curly ones. For straight strands one needs to comb them from back to side. Use of gel is ok if one is going to straight flicks. When we talk of curls, let them wander freely and spread their charm.




5. The BedHead: A similar version of pompadour due to the common style of sides and backs are short and density on top. If you are having a round face cut then it is perfect for you. To stay it away from the greasy look, use some matte finish product. Blow your hair in segments with fingers and then use the product. You are all set to revolutionise your look.




So don’t wait for another minute and try these looks on you and make people jealous.

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