Funky Short Hairstyles For Girls




Super-short hairstyles are the most trending one in recent times than the long hairstyle. The smoking-hot, stylish short hairstyles are one of the most relaxed kinds of funky look and make you stand out of the crowd.


With short hairstyles, you can go for a complete new style and introduce twists to your usual look that been wearing for years. Amongst the short hairstyles, the shaggy haircuts with rough edges offer the funkiest look.


These funky hairstyles, reflects a strong personality and feminine romantic styles with shaggy line with messy textures. Moreover, the rough haircut shows the other side of your femininity look and pretty cool to be.


Mostly, the edgy spikes with blonde platinum always have a punchy, rock star vibe. The scattered spikes from super short hair, just amps the volume and with clean shaved sides, the funky style guaranteed.


You can combine the spiky look with either short pixie cut or bob style. With short pixie haircut, you can give a curved style to the scattered spikes. This way the curves at the ends, and shorter styles at the back and the sides, give an ultra-dramatic look.


By giving longer hair at the top and very shorter sides, you can achieve the funky messier look. Using wet gel, make the long hair at the top to fall over the sides and some hair at the forehead. More than the spikes, this wet fall over hairstyle looks great and rocky.


More than that, the asymmetrical side-swept hair falling over eye is the best of all hairstyles. For this, cut longer strands at the top and with the use of hair spray, allow the hair strands to fall over the eye with being in place as well.


To the asymmetrical cut, give shaggy layers throughout the head with shorter one at the front and longer layers at the crown. These shaggy layers, offers you the perfect funky look and the style is perfect for any party night out.


If you do not want shaggy layers completely, then make asymmetrical cut to quite some hair at the front to fall over the face and to the rest of the hair near the crown, give scattered spikes with high strands. The neat finish at the front and funky look at the spikes is a complete rocky modern look.




When you do not want shorter hairstyles, funky bob haircut will be the best choice. Cut the hair at the chin line, and make the hair into wavy strands. These wavy strands give you a voluminous look and pump away your look in a better way.


Give some highlighted versions to the whispy bob, so that is offers a chic boho look. You can try this style, when you have very thin strands and want to make it look fluffy.


With the bob style, make a high-flying ponytail braid at the crown by completely sweeping up all the hair. This stiff way ponytail can help you get all the attention instantly from the surroundings.

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