Fringe Hairstyles For Short Hair Women



A lot can be done with even short hair. Short hair might not have as much volume as it’s longer counterpart, but it can still make a girl look great with the countless number of ways in which it can be styled. A short hair with a fringe or even bangs looks great on just about every girl.  Fringes have always been a great way to create a fresh new look. And, there are many types of fringes out there. There is the long fringe and the short fringe. The block and the short -cropped fringe. There are many styles to choose from.




Celebrities like Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson have turned on the charm with their chunky fringes that just hang above their brows. If one is not willing to commit to a fringe however, then a faux fringe like Kyle Jenner will be a good option. A fringe with a parting in the middle is an effortlessly classy look.  One can also go for a cute little bob that is complimented by some bangs. A sleeker bob with bangs will also be quite a nice look.




And, then there are always various ways in which one can colour up one’s hair. One can go for a magenta bob with bangs. One can also go for a platinum coloured bob with bangs as well. But if a girl likes her hair to be all tousled and messy, then a choppy bob cut with an angled fringe is a great look. This look especially compliments the round shaped faces.




If one is blessed with straight hair, then a short bob with bangs and some two tone colouring works wonders for the overall look. But if one wants a totally fresh new look, then a red textured pixie cut with swoopy bangs is one sleek look. This is one bold look and the hair done up in shades of magenta and rust is sure to turn a lot of heads. Where there is an angled fringe, there is also an angled bob. This look can be teamed up with bangs for a quirky look.




A girl with curly hair needn’t worry either. She can go for a fringe on her curly hair just like Audrey Tautou did. This pixie cut is cute and quite the stunner if styled right. One can even go for a short fringe with flicks added to the bangs. This just makes the overall look even more fun. If that is too passé, then a short side fringe hairstyle with a shiny texture and highlights is sure to make any girl stand out.




Fringes are cool and they make any short hairstyle look good. They are easy to style and add some effortless class to the small haircuts. Moreover, fringes are great for most face shapes and very subtle in its variations. This style just shows how much a girl can do even with hair that is cut short. The finished product is befitting of most occasions and lends an understated look of sophistication.

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