French Twist Updo Hairstyles



Hair up dos are must for the women having long hair. Hair up dos are very must “to learn” skill for every women to protect their beautiful strands from environmental pollutions. There are pretty and plenty hair up dos which are beautiful and elegant for women which dignifies their look with awesomeness of hairstyle going in harmony with their costumes.


Considering the various hair up dos French twist up do is the one which perfectly suits well for formal dress up as well as for a casual dating and very stunning and sounding for an evening party. It looks striking and impressive when paired with heeled formal cut shoes and stunning for a full black party robes which is simply and elegantly jeweled and beaded.


These elegant and delightful twists are possible with both long and short hair. One can achieve a perfect style French twist with silky and smooth textured hair strands. French twist looks effortless but gorgeous with its various styles and appeals.


French twist is an epitome of dignified and exquisite formal wear. One can always prefer a perfect French twist as a daily office wear with their black suit not worrying being monotonous with the style as it has many different and extraordinary make- overs which can be made every morning as the time consumed on such twists will be lesser compared to other hair up dos.


Low hanging French twist looked ultimately delicate and appealing with a doom in the front not too puffy but decent and formal with the vertical twist hanging just down the scalp. This twist goes pretty will on light golden and light platinum blonde.


Peek-a –boo twist is a stunning form of French twist when it’s being made with a glossy finish on blonde leaving a piece which gets fantastically hided or tucked softly inside the twist with or without a doom or a puff in the front end.


French twists has its classic touch with a floral accessory tucked inside the twist. This type is twist will be refined and majestic when made of bobby brown streaked hair strands. The excellent and brilliant fusion of natural black and brown makes the look opulent.


French twist will be astonishing and incredible when sleek curls are associated to the twist. These curls can get its weave from the leftover strands of the twist and the front bangs which are taken side way. Flawless shapes can be made like heart and ovals with the swirls and curls which are formed. These can also be decorated with floral hair accessories and stuffs.


French twist need not take its form neat and tidy always. It can also take its messy form f an urgency creating the twist to have a bantam and daring look. These messy twists suit one’s casual wear perfectly with cute and delicate make- over. This looks great on some peppy colored strands.


French twist can also get its marvelous fusion with an extraordinary French braid with a jeweled accent giving an extraordinary make- over to one’s stunning and sleek hair strands. French twist can be simply described to be the personification of beauty.

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