French Roll Hairstyles For Women



Mostly, at wedding occasions you can witness a particular hairstyle – the French roll. This hairstyle originates from France, which is the leading hosts and hub for new fashions. With the right slice of fashion, this French roll spice up even your everyday look.


This hairstyle is perfect for any occasions, as the style offers an extreme beautiful look and suitable for long sleek hair. Moreover, this French roll style frames all face shapes. Even though, this French roll is difficult to style but the end-result is seriously incredible.


To achieve this hairstyle with simple steps, make sure you have not washed your hair because with clean hair French roll will fall out. With the curling iron, first texture your hair and make three sections in the top. Tease all the equally sectioned hair and push the sections towards your face.


Then loosely gather all the remaining hair and make it to a ponytail. After that, twist the pony into a bun by bringing the hair up and secure it. Finally, smooth the front sectioned hair and bring then down by twisting.


Tuck these smoothed hairs underneath the bun, right below the crown. Use some hair spray, to make the strands of French twist stay in place. You can feel slightly difficult to complete this style but once you try it, this styling becomes very easy.


Even to this amazing French roll hairstyle, you can team up them with other variations. From retro twist to modern classy evening style, the upgraded versions are gradually increasing and, are easy to style as well.


To a complete breathtaking style, do not give a tease to the front sections. Puff up the front style and, roll all the three section by crossing them over each other.


For a messier look, make a low bun with classic French style where manual brushing and combing the hair, will give you a bulbous bun shape. This messy French roll is perfect to style, when you fall short of time on busy mornings.


The wrap around and low hanging twist, are some chic French roll hairstyle where the roll and tucking method is given to a low bun. However, you can add an extra roll to give a variation to these styles.




You can combine the braid styles with the French twist, as the braids have the ability to look great with this style. Combine the classic French roll, by simply making braid to the teased sections of hair and tuck them inside the bun.


This way, the French roll hairstyle assures a sophisticated and fashionable look. You can even make layered braids, where you have create soft buns one after the other that are tucked beneath to from the layers.


To get a prom look, give a complete finished ending where the ends have a neat tucked in style. This way the entire French hairstyle, gives you a natural feel and this preserve the innocence just about right way.


For all these French roll hairstyle, you can add some hair accessories or some flowers to have an enhanced look and style.

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