French Braid Pigtail For Women



French braid hairstyles are never out of fashion. The French braids not only look classy and sophisticated but they are also not that difficult to design and maintenance can be done without breaking a sweat. This style also comes in a multitude of variations and can be styled in several ways. And, one of its most loved variations is the French  braid pigtail. The ever popular and ever versatile pigtails too have quite a few incarnations of its own.




The French braid pigtails are all about the intricate texturing and the thicker and longer the hair, the better a French braided pigtail looks. This hairdo which is essentially a throwback to the good old school days  for any girl, has been making quite the comeback recently. This hairdo was seen most recently on the Kardashian sisters and they seem to have fallen in love with this hairdo. Girls can always go for a simple no frills dark haired pigtail like theirs.




But, girls can also just simply throw the pigtails over  the back instead of throwing  it over the shoulders like the Kardashians. This subtle change gives the hairdo a totally different look altogether.  And it just doesn’t end there. One can also go for super tight French braid pigtails like model Bella Hadid. These French braid pigtails are extremely thin but still manage to look quite pretty.




However, if a girl has long thick hair then she can go for the thick long ponytails which terminate well below the waist level. Together with a small pouf on the front, this hairdo is sure to wow everyone.Girls who are confused between going for a Dutch braid or a fishtail can go for a combination of both with a  fishtail braid pigtail.




Now, if  the girls want to add a dash of colour to brighten up the whole look, then there too they have a few options worth going for. Blonde hair always looks oh so cool with the Dutch braid pigtail. But, one shade that is sure to make this hairdo look quite breathtaking is the platinum white hue.




Girls can also go for a two tone colour scheme with their hair. One can go for pigtails with the ends dipped in blue. This subtle yet very punk vibe look is sure to make heads turn. Another two tone colour scheme that also works wonders is white on black. This classic look which is reminiscent of the white wall tires of old vintage cars, is sure to give a girl’s hair a very edgy look. Shades of brown and black also cool ultra-cool.




So, these are some of the best braided pigtails in the business for the women out there.  Each of these looks are quite unique and give a girl’s overall style a totally new dimension. The best thing about Dutch braided pigtails is that they are very functional and stay out of a girl’s way during workout sessions, jogging or just plain and simple busy  days. It is this versatility that sets this hairdo apart.

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