Free Form Locs For Black Men and Women

Locks or dreads are generally free formed tangles, however its formation of evenly sized locks are by means of proper devising and maintenance. This is known as Jata in Sanskrit. People go for artificially made locks which are known as dreadlocks by matting or braiding or by means of crochet hooks of the neat looking hair strands. This technique of hair do is also known as ‘twist and rip’ which will be backcombed and rolled into rolls.


These are known as ‘real locks’, ‘organic locks’ or ‘rastafarian locks’. It is originated since 3600 years, from one of earliest civilizations Europe. It is also told that this originated from the Masai tribes of Kenya, Africa. Many people adopt this and maintain this style of locks system for their hair for ‘natural’ or ‘spiritual’ reasons and lifestyle.


In recent trends with its versatile and diversified techniques which are being introduced by stylists takes its various forms bringing a creative attention to the individuals trying them. It gives a glamorous and a different makeover for one’s hair complementing their dress and accessories being one of the easiest way of styling as it requires minimal maintenance.


It’s very simple to bring a free form locks just by washing one’s hair and dumping it with a tight cotton towel letting it get clump naturally. Hair should not be groomed with comb or brush rather it should be left just like that, that’s the reason it is known as free form locks.


Only suggestive act that one can indulge in the making of these locks is to work for their preferred partition of hair strands. Free form locks are different from its sizes on the same scalp, hence to maintain a standard size, the individual can contribute his/her work in making equal partition for the locks to get free formed.


This classic style will be taken to the next level when the strands are being colored with same or different colors. Some people also go for a semi- free formed locks where they naturally twist their strands with their fingers for 6 to 12

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