Four French Braids For Women



Braids are always an option for low maintenance and epitome of effortless beauty.  Although its start- up and hair do is challenging. Braids have its origin and inspiration since the ancient ages as they were practiced and used as a sign of prestige, culture and heritage.


Among all the braids French is considered the easiest which will be started with three partition of minimal strands from the front and taken over by joining the excess strands which are pulled up from the sides and clubbing with the initial partition. French braid is one of the popular braids which will be stunning and it has its glam carried along with all the distinct types of outfits. French braid looks attractive for colored hair more than a common black hair.


This braid has its own distinct styles. The strands which are used for the braid can be opted very thin or very thick, thin strands gives plenty of weave make effect on the scalp whereas thick strands gives lessen weave on the scalp.


French braids can also be made double or sometimes four in the same scalp by parting the hair strands equally into two or four, it projects like an African cornrows. This is one of the easy braiding techniques which can be given a perfect finish within 10 minutes if one is well versed with sufficient practice. Young girls love this type of braiding style more than any other styles. French braids will be illuminating if the same is being enriched and bedizened by colorful tiny beads supported by pins.


These four French braided strands looks great with when the hair strands has its fantasying coloring which projects the partitions well. Four French braids will look good on the volume full hair protruding the partition of the braids thicker.


French braid can be made upside down and the pull ups can be formed to a wave like bun in the front forming a crown. In the same way these four french braids can also be made inverted forming four crowns in the front which can be further decorated by jeweled bobby pins and beads making the look overwhelming and tremendous.


This gives an extraordinary up do for one’s hair which complements stunning for a tube top. This hair up do can also further continued for a three stranded plate and this plate can be taken side way and cover the head like head band which is a perfect mix of inverted French braid and a Dutch braid forming four braids parallel to each other.


Four french braids gives number of creative ideas to oneself. This is one of the unique plain sailing braids which can be made effortlessly simultaneously making the look phenomenal and remarkable.


These are very easy to the extent that these four French braids can be made by one self for them, this doesn’t make the woman to depend on a stylist or another person. With its independent factor and marvelous creation and make- over, one can effortlessly go for this fantabulous hairstyle.

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