Formal Buns Hairstyles For Women

Buns are one of those hairstyles that can be made casual as well as formal. It can make or break and outfit as well. They are also very effective during those days when we want the strands of hair off our face. Done in a variety of ways and for different occasions, they can be achieved in any kind of hair. It’s a flexible hairstyle and can suit anybody according to what looks best on them.

Buns in formal styles are great for occasions such as weddings or gala and even for office days. Described below are a few of these buns ranging from the simplest to the classiest.

For spring and summer weddings, this elegant and fresh floral up do is a highly recommended one. It is a fusion of curly bun and a curly up do. The small curls compliment the row of flowers adorning the tresses. The flowers, however, should not overpower the bun.

Another wedding inspired bun hairstyle is this loose bun that looks great when curly up-dos are incorporated into them. The thin loose tendrils of curly hair coming loose just add more delicacy to the overall look. Adding on embellished hairpins or even flowers can do wonders.

In a more modern style, a side bun with a fishtail braid and a Dutch braid running and racing to swirl up into a bun at the side of the head. Buns offer great versatility due to the act that they can be positioned anywhere. The voluminous bun resulting from this fusion is an intricate looking and awe worthy look.

Low braided buns are just as god as they higher positioned counterparts. This starts with a vertical French braid which is then given another style of braid, usually the three strand or the fishtail. The braid then rests at the neck in a swirl of pun that is properly secured. Hair accessories can add more to this bun.

Twisted buns may take some effort but when done, they are simply gorgeous to look at. Blending in some highlights can add a little bit more drama to spice up the dull formal occasions. The hairs in this style are tested, tucked and pinned sp strategically that it appears simple but take effort.

A nest tight and simple low bun is classy and neat. And it looks best when given some sleek modifications having it appear to be wrapped in a neat single twist, with the over lapping bangs to hide the secured placed.

Bulky braided buns are also a great take on some other simpler and fusion hairstyle. How about a braid with a bun, having the intricate row of braid wrapping around the neck of the bun? If you are really talented you can learn how to do this without a separate bun and a braid, but the braid becomes a part of the bun itself.

Overlapping low buns are simple too classy and looks so sophisticate that it gets a lot of effort to pull it off, and we mean a lot of effort. This is the mother of all buns that will raise the standards of wedding buns with its shiny sleek locks.

Wavy chignon buns are also a good option to wear when you have no time to browse over and see what may look best. This style is suitable for most hairstyles including medium textured hair and black hair or blonde.

Bun hairstyles, even the formal ones listed above have so much versatility that it is quite fun for creative people to bring more ideas to the style.

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