Flower Hairstyles For Women



One of the most loved spring hairstyles are the floral ones. After all, this is the season when flowers grow in all their glory and the air is filled with their mesmerizing scents. If a girl likes flowers in her hair, then there are quite a few styles to choose from.




One can go for the Boho Bun. This look is perfect for the big wedding day and the style serves to glorify the bridal chignon with rose accents that are woven into the base of the hair. However, the ladies going for this style should make sure that the strands are curled up perfectly before the roses are woven in.




A girl can also go for the blooming bun. This style dresses up the typical up-do with an assortation of flowers. The largest blooms however are reserved for the back of the hair. One can also go for a whole bouquet of flowers when going for floral accents.




But if a girl wants to make a subtler statement, then she can first style the hair with fun beach waves and then tiny flower blooms on the crown of hair on the top. This look when executed properly will be quite chic. But if one doesn’t care about understated looks and wants to make a big statement with the floral accents, then an oversized rose crown fits the bill. This style incorporates a flower crown that is stacked with pink, white and fuchsia blossoms. Leaves and stems can also be added.




But if one loves the big vivid style statement then, then one can go for a crown filled with big roses in varying shades. This one is sure to be quite the head turner. One can also for a mesmerizing “double waterfall” braid with a slew of white flowers woven across the top of the hair.




Now, if a girl who doesn’t mind putting in the extra effort for that great look and is looking to liven up her messy up-do, then adding some beautiful blossoms will do the trick. This look is sure to make the up-do quite unique. Then, there is the Baby’s breath which, when teamed up with some nude or pink blossoms on a wavy long ponytail, is sure to give the girl a fairy tale look.


One can also go for a floral accent without even adding any flowers in the mix! This is possible if a girl has a good length of hair and volume. The process might be a tad time consuming but looks simply amazing when pulled off. This style is called a braided rose and one must simply first make a braid and then fashion that into the shape of a rose! And voila!




So floral accents on a girl’s hair not only add a great deal of character but also give it a very natural feel. The look is both eye-catching and classy if done right. So, if it is the big wedding day or just the season of spring, then these hairstyles are sure to make a beautiful statement!

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