Flower Braids For Women



Think about your best friend’s wedding – you probably think about an amazing dress, beautiful make-up and most importantly you think about beautiful hair. Well, that is only legit ‘cause only the right kind of hairdo will make it up for one of the most important days of your lives. And when you think about the best hairdo in a perfect wedding day, you surely think about the gorgeous flower braids.


The flower braids for women have been popular among the lovely ladies around the globe for ages now and it isn’t recently that has been doing its rounds. As far it concerns, these flower braids have been in the use since the medieval era. Heck not to forget our famous GoT characters here! Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark and even Daenerys Targaryen too have sported the flower braids in a few of the series’ episodes. Here are some of the best and flower braid examples that are way too popular among the ladies. Take a look!


The most loved one among the ladies is the low braided flower bun. This one is perfect for long hair because the braids are made in a different way – at the low end of the hair. First one needs to separate the hair into three parts and the make the beard. Then make it into a bun.


Another one that is being known as one of the most wanted buns is the flower braid bun. This one looks a little tricky as you see the entire bun in the shape of a flower, but it isn’t actually. The flower braid bun is pretty simple – all you need is a bit of patience.


The romantic look – this is another sexy prom night look that you can woo everyone with. The hairdo gives you the suave vibe that can make you look extremely gorgeous. The messy approach to the hairdo however, makes it look even better.


Flower braided hairdo is already an amazing wedding day look. But, if you are looking for a hairstyle that will give you the perfect wedding look, then the braided up do is the best one. Do not forget to make the immense loose curls from the front. Keep the rest of your hair compact and perfect.


Have you ever thought of a hairdo that looks extremely adorable and that doesn’t take much of your effort? The half up flower braids is that kind of a hairdo. It takes just a few minutes of your time and even your busiest day will not be bothered with the fun. Thinking about the look? Well, that will look gorgeous on you.


The zig zagging braid will make sure that every head turns on you while you pass by. The braid is a mixture of the zig zag pattern with flower braids and this compact look will make you look wonderful.


These are just a few flower braids that you can rock the special day with. Don’t you like them? Well, sure you do! Then keep going Senorita!

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